Hi! Happy Monday! 


Yesterday Mike and I were driving to the library and I was contemplating finances... as usual. (what else would I do in my spare time? ha)


Oh! But first- Saturday night we were driving home from Wegmans (where else) and saw a random TURKEY crossing the road? Literally, a turkey. WHAT? I have never seen a wild turkey in my life- especially in a fairly populated area like we live in??? So random.


Anyway. Back to contemplating my finances. I recently re-opened a Vanguard account (I had one a few years ago, but pulled the money out when I was self-employed and needed the $$$) and started saving into a Roth IRA. Last month when I opened the account, I was able to contribute $2,000 from my tax return, and was feeling pretty awesome about myself for putting that much money into the IRA.


But this month, with no tax return, I'm back to "normal" income levels and can't throw a huge chunk of money like that in again. And that was making me sad when I started thinking about it- I felt like, "oh, only a couple hundred dollars into my IRA? That's nothing. I'm never going to get anywhere with just contributing a few hundred dollars!"


BUT- uhh, wait! That is so NOT TRUE!

I think finances are BUILT on those months where you're "only" saving (or paying off) a couple hundred dollars.

The key to financial success, in my opinion, is the non-glamorous months like this. It's putting a couple hundred away every month, without fail, and having that add up over time. It's setting your finances up on autopilot so you can save (or pay off) a couple hundred EVERY MONTH without even thinking about it.


I know that I won't be able to contribute $2,000 to savings every month. That's not feasible with my current income and spending levels. BUT- I need to remember, that even if it's not $2,000, or $1,000, or even $500 every month, every little bit counts!


I hate to be the one to break it to ya...

...but your financial picture isn't going to completely change over night. (Well, unless you win the lottery- and even that might not help your finances that much in the long run) That's just not how it goes. Your financial picture IS going to change through consistent habits, month after month.


This reminds me of a Pin from my "Motivational Quotes" Pinterest board:


Financial goals can sometimes be BIG and seemingly impossible to reach. But the months are going to pass anyway- might as well get a couple hundred dollars closer to your financial goals, month after month, right? And sometimes, you might get a random extra boost of cash, and you can get even CLOSER than normal that month! But keep steady during the un-glamorous months. Those are the months that really count.



How do you keep motivated during the "un-glamorous" times in your financial journey?

I make sure my finances are set-it-and-forget-it (more on that in a later post!) so that I don't have to consciously decide each month that I'm going to keep saving. It just happens, no matter how un-glamorous it feels.