After Monday's anti-bulk-buying post, I started thinking about some of the items that I DO buy in bulk- or items that just naturally come in packs that are too big for two of us to finish before it spoils.  


Almost all of the items that I could think of were food, and I realized that the way we get more life out of the item is by using our freezer! I seriously think the freezer is one of my biggest money savers.


We freeze EVERYTHING. Some examples:

  • sandwich bread- we ALWAYS have our bread in the freezer, never out on the counter... lasts forevaaa this way!
  • vegetables that are going to go bad before we can eat them (I chop them up then freeze)
  • meat- chicken, sausage, fish, ground meat (sometimes we get the big 3lb packs and then divide into 1 lb portions and freeze in tin foil-- yup that goes against the anti-bulk-buying, ha!)
  • pizza sauce (the kind we use comes in a can that's too big for one use, so we freeze half)
  • dinner rolls (most homemade recipes make like 12 rolls; that is a feeeeew too many for the two of us)
  • vodka (ha ha, just making sure you are reading)
  • I peel and freeze bananas for smoothies
  • and my latest discovery: cookie dough!!


My most favorite cookie recipe at the moment is THIS ONE. {BTW- you should immediately drop everything and make that recipe if you know what's good for you.}


Anyway, we have been making those cookies a lot recently. But even I, a self-proclaimed lover of baking, can get a little tired of dirtying so many bowls, spatulas, utensils, and the mixer. So many dishes! (even though I never do the dishes... Thanks, Mike!)


So the other week, I got the brilliant idea to make a double batch of dough and freeze half so that we could have cookies ready to bake whenever we wanted.




Seriously, try it the next time you make cookies! It's the same amount of work to make two batches vs one!


I just rolled the dough into balls, stuck them on a cookie sheet and put them in the freezer until frozen through (this is to make sure they don't freeze into one big lump!). Then I put the frozen balls in a ziploc bag for storage.



Whenever your chocolate craving hits, take out as many cookies as you want and bake them like normal! I didn't thaw them at all- just added one extra minute to the recommended baking time and they came out perfectly :)


I haven't tried this with any other cookies but I would hope that it works for most doughs. Let me know if you try it!



What kinds of things do you freeze?

I'm always looking for more ideas.. I keep meaning to make a huge soup or something and then freeze the leftovers!