Last weekend, I discovered a huge rip in my favorite pair of jeans.  It wasn't a sudden riiiiiip or anything like that, I just happened to notice that there was a SEVERAL INCH WIDE GASH IN MY PANTS and I have no idea how long I was walking around like that before noticing.  Ugh, embarrassing.  I'll spare you the picture evidence; just believe me on this one.


Anyway, this meant I needed to go jeans shopping real bad.  Normally I hate clothes shopping.  Nothing fits right and once it fits it turns out to be $175 dollars or something ridiculous like that.  Plus, I'm trying to be extra frugal right now, since, ya know, I'm not exactly employed.  But I bit the bullet last weekend to go shopping and it was great!  Mike and I both used some baller money saving strategies and came away victorious.  Here's how we did it.


Do your research

Once I realized that I needed jeans, I knew where I wanted to get them: American Eagle.  They made the ripped pants (RIP) (get it?! heh heh) and I wanted a replacement pair just like them.  But you know what I did first?  I searched for American Eagle coupon codes on my phone, and wouldn't ya know?  They have an app where they were running a promotion that weekend-- show your phone to the cashier and you get 25% off your purchase!  Just for showing the app!!


American Eagle receipt

So we went to AE, I found some jeans, and got 'em for 25% off.  They ALSO happened to be running a $10 off every pair of jeans promotion, so I got my brand new skinny jeans for a whopping $22, down from $39.  That's almost half off!


Patience, Grasshopper

Mike, on the other hand, was in search of a suit.  Actually, that's an incorrect statement.  Mike had found a suit at JC Penney-- 3 or 4 months ago! -- and knew he wanted to buy it.  He wanted to get it as a celebration present once he got a new job, and he wanted to make sure that he had a coupon to use to buy it.


This Sunday, the stars aligned.  As you know, he got his new job about a month ago (hence our VA to NY move) and JC Penney was running some sort of promotion (friends and family I think?) for 25% off.  So suit time it was!


With the suit already marked down (because he's waited so long, it's pretty close to clearance prices) plus the coupon- he ended up getting it for about 63% off.  Dang!


So next time you're coveting something in the mall, take a breather and think if there's anything you can do to save yourself money.  Download apps, check your mail (snail mail and e-mail) to see if you have any coupons, or ask yourself if you can wait it out until a price drop or coupon comes along.  I bet you'll be able to find something!



What's your best money saving shopping strategy?  Are you patient or do you HAVE TO BUY IT RIGHT NOW (like me!)?