I figure the start of the weekend is a fitting day to talk about how to save some moolah on entertainment... right? :)


Oh but first-- how cool is this picture? There was a big storm Tuesday night that knocked out our power so we took a walk to explore what was going on (after the storm passed) and the sky looked SO COOL that I had to take this panorama! (it might look crappy above but click it and it'll go full size and look much higher quality ;) )


3 of my favorite tips for saving money on Entertainment:

1 // Prioritize + spend money on the activities you truly enjoy

I enjoy going to the movie theater and watching a new movie, but it isn't my most favorite activity. (I find it hilarious that Mike and I dated for ~2 years before going to our first movie together, haha... I feel like that's a normal "starting to date" right of passage that we just somehow skipped over?!) Since it isn't my favorite activity, I rarely spend money on it. Instead, I like spending money at breweries doing beer tastings.


2 // Get some cheap/free hobbies to entertain yourself

Here's a whooooole list of ideas :)  (check the comments on that post, too-- some great ideas from others on their cheap/free hobbies!)


3 // Have more house-parties

Yeah, yeah, sure, we're out of college and therefore are 'adults' ... but we should still embrace hanging out at people's houses instead of bars or restaurants! Invite your friends to your house to hang out- provide a few snacks and tell people to BYOB! It'll be approximately 430983204x cheaper than going to a bar AND probably easier to talk to/interact with your friends! (am I getting old or do bars-- with their loud music-- make it SO HARD for actually talking to people?!)



How do YOU save money on entertainment?

What are you up to this weekend?

We are heading up to NY for our friends' bridal shower + bachelor/bachelorette parties! It should be a fun weekend :) :)