Gas spending can be a GIGANTOOOOO expense in your monthly spending. I remember back in the day when I had a gas guzzling SUV (pre-Craigslist-car-buying!), a 30-45 minute commute, and was living ~30 minutes away from Mike, I think I spent somewhere around $200-250 on gas each month. It was terrible.


Awww here's my old car! I miss it :(


Thankfully I have a much more fuel efficient car now and work from home so my spending is wayyy lower nowadays! But I still employ a few gas-saving tips to keep my gas bill even lower:


1 // Consolidate trips I preach this as a money-saving tip for basically your whole life-- consolidate your shopping trips to ONE day each week. This has the double benefit of keeping you out of stores (which means less chance of impulse purchases!) AND means that you'll use less gas. I've read articles that say driving on a "warm" engine is better for your car + gas mileage. Doing a bunch of short trips on a "cold" engine (i.e. when you run one errand a day) uses more gas.


2 // WALK!! This one is a no-brainer for saving money on gas. Can you walk somewhere instead of driving? If so... do it. Save money + get exercise... woooo!


3 // Use apps or loyalty programs There are so many fancy gas apps that will tell you where gas is the cheapest. Also look into loyalty programs for your gas stations. I really love Sheetz's loyalty program because you get 3 cents off per gallon!! (too bad there aren't any Sheetz near us... only on road trips) There are also lots of grocery store loyalty programs that give you discounts on gas. Research and take advantage of those if they make sense for your life!


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Here's a screenshot from this month's video. You can find out why I was making this face in the video, ha!!



How do YOU save money on gas?