As I mayyyy have mentioned (#sarcasm), we moved last week. The biggest annoyance of our move, by far, was getting cable and internet figured out.




We had Verizon cable and internet before we moved, and loved it. Our bill was $78.35/mo and we thought (still think) that was a pretty good deal. Well well well... it wasn't so easy to just transfer that service over to our new place. I called (call #1) and the rep said our closest option would be ~$130/mo (!!!!!) at the new apartment... uh.. NOPE.


How I beat Verizon with Persistence:

  1. Called the cancellation line (call #2) as if we were going to cancel our service. Which I would have actually gone through with, because we reeeeally weren't going to pay $130/mo
  2. I patiently waited 30 minutes while she tried every plan under the sun and gave us costs for each of them. All super expensive.
  3. When she miraculously found our SAME EXACT PLAN (which she and the other rep said didn't even EXIST anymore.. welp, guess it still exists...) she tried to charge us $80 for installation. A quick (and legitimate) response of "WHAT? we didn't get charged that last time!" was enough for her to say "oh, we can waive that for you..."
  4. I finally get off the phone and we get a confirmation email with estimated monthly bill. It listed a $10/mo charge for a router. Uhh, but we weren't paying for a router before?! One more call (call #3) to ask if we could bring our old router- sure enough, we could and that got rid of the extra $10.


All this took place over the span of 3 separate phone calls and around 2 hours of my life. #WORTHIT


Listen, if I teach you nothing else on this blog, let it be this:

cable/internet/utility companies can do a LOTTTTTT to save you money.

It just might take a little persistence, a few phone calls, and possibly a big chunk of time- but try it out and see what kind of deals you can get!



Also!! Don't be afraid to say, "Thanks for giving me those estimates, I'm going to think this over and call back later with my decision". They want to pressure you into choosing something right that very moment, but don't let that happen! Thinking it over (while not on the phone) will give you time to contemplate your other options calmly and without stress.



How much do you pay for cable + internet? (if you have them?)

(is that too nosy of a question to ask?? don't answer if you don't want to, haha)


Me: I have Verizon Fios and we will be paying ~$83/mo for cable and internet.