A few of you were actually interested in my Stitch Fix shenanigans (more on that in my last post) so I figured I'd go into a bit more detail about my fixes AND how I attempt to save money while Stitch Fix-ing. Also, I just got my 5th "fix" and actually took pictures of the stuff so it deserved a post. Woo!


(also I finally figured out how to sync my iphone pics to my computer, so expect more posts with my ACTUAL photos rather than stock pics! woo!)


 saving money with stitchfix
 stitchfix saves money

The Items In Fix # 5:

Lemon Tart: Lonnie Pullover Sweater $68

I liked the stripes, I liked the sweater, but not enough to keep it. Also, it was $68.... meh.


Market & Spruce: Soyer Henley Top $48

LOOOOOOVED this! I have been asking them for work appropriate clothing and this was perfect! Also I got it the day before Easter so I wore it to Easter festivities with my family. Mike said it looked a little like an Easter egg- win! This was $48.


Alice Blue: Sunbury V-Neck Blouse $48

Loved this one too!! The pattern was great and is also perfect for work! Yay!  


Kensie: Rebekah Stretch Crepe Blazer $88

I liked this blazer... but had hesitations. Namely: I already have a black blazer that I'm not exactly in love with (I think it's a little big) BUT I wasn't in love with this one either, so I might as well keep the one I already own. I'll talk more about this later in the post but I try to go with my gut feelings on items- if I'm hesitant at ALL then I don't get it. I shouldn't need to convince myself to make a purchase.


Liverpool: Collen Straight Leg Jean $78

One new thing I wanted to get from Stitch Fix this time was JEANS! So I got this pair in my fix and was excited... until I looked at them. They were straight leg which aren't my fav... and then I put them on and didn't like them at all. I might have forgotten to specify that I usually wear SKINNY jeans? Straight leg are not my jam. I'll talk about this later too, but that's another tip- be OVERLY specific when you're making requests!


I ended up keeping the two tops I liked, for $48 each (which happened to be the 2 cheapest items in the fix, ha! I think $48 is generally the cheapest I've seen in Stitch Fix clothing items.


So... now comes the big question:


How can you save money when doing Stitch Fix?

 stitchfix prices

Tip #1 : Check the Prices.

I make sure that the first thing I do is look at the prices of items. I don't mind spending more money on things I really love, but I also like knowing how much an item is when I try it on. (they don't include prices on the clothing tags- that price sheet above is the only way you see the price)


Tip #2: Go with your FIRST gut instinct

It can be really tempting once you try everything on to change your mind and decide that you do want to keep something you originally didn't like. Don't talk yourself into anything-- go with your first impression. I almost talked myself into keeping the first sweater above and the blazer, but then I was like NO! If I wasn't immediately in love with them, I'm not going to be in love with them later.


Tip #3: Sunk Costs

Have I ever told you that I was an economics major in college? Yup, I was. I loooooove econ. There's a principle in economics called "Sunk Costs". Sunk costs are costs that you've already incurred, and therefore should NOT influence your future decision making. You've already spent the money, and nothing is going to change that fact. 

With Stitch Fix, it's easy to let the $20 styling fee influence your decision making. You might get a fix that you don't really like, but you say "well, I kinda like this $60 shirt and I can't let my $20 styling fee go to waste, so I might as well buy the shirt to save my $20!" uhhhh-- NO!! No matter what, that $20 is gone. Whether you like it or not, you're out $20. Don't make it worse by spending another $40 on an item you are forcing yourself to like!


Tip #4: Be OVERLY Specific

When you use Stitch Fix, you can include a note to your stylist when you schedule the fix, and there's also a place in your style profile where you can provide a note. USE these two spaces-- and be SUPER specific about what you want and even what you dislike! As I mentioned above, I was a little bummed to get straight leg jeans. But looking back, I'm not sure I specified what kind of jeans I wanted. So, my mistake. 

Also, if you get an item that you really loved and want in another color/pattern, you can request that too! They actually do listen to your comments and requests!


Tip #5: Prioritize Your Fixes

Stitch Fix allows you to include jewelry, purses, scarves, and even shoes now in your fix. For me, it doesn't make sense to spend my money on accessories because those aren't my priority right now. (Also, I don't hate accessory or shoe shopping- I only hate clothes shopping ;) ) So I requested to only get clothes in my fixes. But you might be interested in getting accessories- so you do you! Just think about your priorities and decide what you want to get in your fixes.


Tip #6: Check the labels

I didn't realize this until yesterday when I wore my new shirt to Easter and my mom asked what the fabric was- I looked at the tag and saw that it said HAND WASH ONLY! Boo. If things like that are important to you, be sure to check the labels of items in your fix and use that in your decision making process. Both shirts I kept this time were hand wash only, and I didn't even realize it! Whoops. (speaking of, remember that time I tested out washing dry-clean only items? spoiler: for some items, you totally can!)


Have you done Stitch Fix? Any other tips for getting your money's worth on fixes?