I guess I should have followed up my buying a car posts with a selling a car post, huh?


Well, I sold my old car.  As I talked about in the earlier posts, my car (1999 GMC Jimmy) was pretty close to falling apart.  I basically just wanted to get it out of my possession before it completely stopped running and I had to have it towed or something.  So as soon as I officially owned my new car, I took Jimmy to Carmax.


I used Carmax because it seemed like the easiest way to sell the car.  My sister-in-law had used it and got a pretty solid deal, so I figured I'd take mine and get at least a couple hundred.  (I think blue book value for a '99 Jimmy in excellent condition was around $2k... but mine was definitely not in excellent condition).


So I made an appointment with the nearby Carmax (important... you should make an appointment, it will save you a lot of time!) and came in.


The final drive :(


We met with an appraiser who took us to a computer and asked some questions.  I don't remember all the questions, but I think it was stuff like: is there anything wrong with the car, was it used as a rental or a fleet vehicle, is it able to be test driven by one of our appraisers, etc, and gave us some info about the process.  They also told us that they do not sell cars older than 10 years on their lots, so they'd be auctioning off my car rather than re-selling it at Carmax.


Then they told us to wait while they had someone inspect it.  Instead of hanging around in the waiting room, Mike and I walked over to Chick-Fil-A and got icecream (well, I got ice cream, he watched me eat it.  is he human?  WHO CAN RESIST ICE CREAM??).


Amazing decision!   Except when they gypped me.  You know when you get ice cream and it looks HUGE and you get excited?  But then the inside is actually hollow?!  Not cool...


Then we wandered back to Carmax and they had finished the car (so it took maybe 20-30 minutes to appraise it?).  We sat back down at the computer and they told us what they looked at, what they found... and then they asked what I thought they had appraised it at.  I didn't want to say what I was really thinking ("I'd be happy with $500!") so I laughed and said something ridiculous like $10,000.  The guy got a kick out of that since I was obviously joking, and then clicked to the next screen.  $1,200!  They were offering $1,200!!!  I looked at Mike, as if we were contemplating it, and said, "Oh, okay!".  Boom, done.


Goodbye, Jimmy! :(


We got the rest of the stuff out of the Jimmy and then drove it into the service bay where they took off the license plates and gave those back to me.  Then we were taken to another desk in the back room and signed the title over to Carmax.  They handed me the check, and that was it!  Easy peasy, sold the car.


Last time seeing Jimmy! :(


I would definitely recommend Carmax for selling your car.  I probably could have gotten a bit more for it on Craigslist, but I was just happy to sell before it fell apart and couldn't be sold.



Have you ever sold a car?  How did you do it?