I love setting goals. I love the idea of coming up with a goal and figuring out how to reach it. It's basically the most rewarding feeling in the world, right?! Today I want to share with you 5 of my fav goal setting tips so that you can set (and achieve!) your biggest goals :)  



5 of my favorite goal setting hacks:

1 // Mini-Goals.

Split your goal into mini-goals. Maybe your goal is to pay off your $50,000 in student loans. Break it up into $5,000 or $2,500 chunks and just focus on those mini-goals. It'll keep you focused and less overwhelmed!


2 // Rewards.

Reward yourself for achieving your mini-goals. Create a list of rewards (preferably something free/cheap) and assign a reward to each mini-goal accomplishment. For example, maybe you love going to Barnes & Noble and just hanging out with a coffee and reading for hours. Promise yourself a whole day of doing that! Or maybe you want to hit up your favorite brewery, or go to that new cupcake place that you've been eyeing for awhile. Set an awesome reward so that you're excited and energized to achieve your mini-goal!


3 // Remember WHY.

Remind yourself WHY you're doing this. One day when you're feeling particularly motivated to achieve your goal, take a few minutes to write a note to yourself with all the reasons why you want to accomplish your goal. Then the next time you're feeling unmotivated or thinking of how far away you are from your goal, re-read that note and you'll get motivated all over again.


4 // Use Visuals.

Use visual reminders to motivate yourself. For example, if you're saving up for a downpayment on a house, create a Pinterest board of ways you'll decorate your eventual house to keep yourself excited for achieving your goal. Or create a Pinterest board of motivating quotes (I have a board of them here!) that you can look at when you're feeling unmotivated. In the top picture of this post, you can see the Motivation Board I created for myself! I printed out a bunch of those Pinterest quotes, put them on my cork board, and hung it above my desk so I can see them all day :)


5 // Enlist Help.

Sometimes it can be best to enlist the help of others when trying to achieve a big goal. I am incredibly lucky to know two people are really good at setting goals and achieving them: Chelsea and Ryan Avery. (You might remember Chelsea from her Gettin' Nosy post on here a few months ago!) Ryan is basically a Toastmasters legend (remember when I did Toastmasters for a hot second? haha, good times) because he is the Youngest World Champion of Public Speaking in history, and even more awesomely, CHELSEA was his coach. #awwwwwsocute


So basically what I'm trying to say is that these two know a thing or two about setting goals!! (nbd, let me just set a goal to become the youngest ever Champion of Public Speaking) 


Chelsea and Ryan have started a program called The Map to Dreaming BIG where they help others (like us!) learn the strategies and tips towards setting and achieving any goal you have in life. They've created a printable "map" where you can actually start mapping out your dreams. Their BIG dream this year is to be the youngest married couple in history to speak via live webinar on ALL 7 CONTINENTS. YES INCLUDING ANTARCTICA (!!!!!)


If you're really looking for hardcore accountability and help, they have a paid program* where you can join them on their 7 live webinars (YES INCLUDING THE ONE IN ANTARCTICA omggg) and you get access to an online community full of other people who are working on achieving their dreams, too!!


Moral of the story: I think The Map to Dreaming BIG is a fantastic program and will totally help you achieve your goals, whether they are financial or just life goals! So go to The Map to Dreaming BIG website, download your FREE map and start mapping out your goals! I'll be doing it, too! :)

*the links in this post for The Map to Dreaming BIG are affiliate links, meaning I get a bit of money if you sign up using them! :)



How do you keep yourself motivated to achieve your goals?