What do you do when your shoes fall apart?  

Like, literally-- fall apart.

Mike and I threw out two pairs of shoes this weekend because they were both donezo.


The sole of his shoe was almost completely peeled away and the actual shoe part was all scuffed beyond repair. My boots had worn away in the heels enough that there were holes and water could seep in and get my foot all wet (that wouldn't work well once it starts snowing...). And the sole was beginning to peel away, too!


I wasn't too upset because I know that my boots were purchased about 2 years ago from Famous Footwear for mayyyybe $40-50? I've worn them SO much since then. Almost every road trip that Mike and I have ever taken have been in those boots, and we do a LOT of walking on those trips.


When we went to Toronto a few years ago, we walked almost 11 miles in one day!


And when we went to Philly, I think we walked about 10 miles...


I wore them the first time I saw Niagara Falls (and probably the other 2 times, too, haha)


I'm even wearing them in that picture on the upper right side of the blog-- but you can't see because they're cropped out. ha!


So add up all those trips, plus the normal everyday wear & tear-- it's understandable that the boots would eventually reach their demise.


(side note: I didn't plan for this post to be a photo gallery/memorial for the boots, but it's kinda turned out that way! ha)


So I replaced them with a sweet pair of boots from my favorite store ever (TARGET, duh) and I am very happy once more :) But while I was contemplating my replacement options, I had to decide: should I go for another pair of cheap-ish boots? Or should I step up and pay a little bit more to get higher quality... and thus something that might last a bit longer?


Here's my answer: I think if I was still working a high-paying office job (with a steady paycheck), I'd probably be willing to shell out a bit more money and get a pair of boots that would perhaps last a little longer than 2 years. But since my priority at the moment is spending veryyyy little so that I can continue to be my own boss, another pair of $40 boots was the answer this time.


Plus, I mean, 2 years of life from a $40 pair of boots is pretty freakin' good, in my opinion. If they had only lasted a few months, maybe I would be wanting to shell out a little bit of extra money.



Today's question: Do you usually go for higher quality or lower price? Does it depend on the item?

Also.... what are your plans for this weekend?!

Mike and I are hitting up some hockey games and a beer tasting near Syracuse! I'm excited :)