Good news!  I survived another solo NY-->VA-->NY road trip!  Fun fact: I really hate driving. Making these 6.5 hour trips really reaffirms that.  It didn't help that the audiobook I got (this time I went with Born in Death, it was really good!) was too short- it ended with like 1.5 hours still to drive!  BOO.  Next time  I need to remember to get one that's at least 12-13 hours long :)  

I made my usual stop at Sheetz to get coffee (and filled it like 1/4 full of french vanilla creamer, mmmm) to keep me awake through the loooooooong, boring stretches of Pennsylvania.  I also picked up a container of grapes and cheese because I was STARVING.  Does anyone else get super hungry on road trips?  I even bought a box of granola bars to keep in my car for this trip because I knew I'd be dying of hunger.


By the time I got back to Rochester, I was going stir crazy from being cooped up in the car all day, so Mike and I decided to go on a run to nearby Cobb's Hill Park.  And holy cow- so glad we did!

We made our way up the hill to check out the water reservoir area.  It's so cool up there!


There is a fancy looking building (not really sure what it's there for) and a 0.7 mi trail that goes around the reservoir.  We saw tons of runners and walkers out there taking advantage of the "warm" (aka 40's) temperatures.


The views were absolutely amazing.  Rochester is so pretty!


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Are you making any new year's resolutions?