I took a sick day today.  Well, 87.5% of a sick day, if we're going to be precise.  (I went in to the office for an hour then left)  


I have terrible plant/nature/great-outdoors allergies and every year manage to forget to take my medicine for a little while.  Then a week later I'm feeling like death and producing enough snot to make Kleenex go out of business.  As Mike kindly pointed out, "Why would you stop taking your medicine in the summer?  Everything is alive!  Stop taking them in the middle of winter, not summer..."


So anyway.  I am sitting at home drowning my sickness in lemonade and ice cream.  I like this!


But you know what I didn't like?  This morning, when I had to tell my boss that I was going to leave early.  For some reason, this always makes me feel like I am in elementary school, asking if I can go to the nurse's office.  Ugh.


Anyway.  Want to see some updates from my life?  Money saving or otherwise?  Okay, you don't have a choice so here goes!


I got Mike a home brewing kit for his birthday...


...and we finally put it to use!  Home brewing was a pretty easy process.  The hard part is being patient and waiting for it to ferment!


We're keeping it in our coat closet-- apartment life does not lend well to lots of beer fermenting space :)


The maintenance required light came on in my car :(  I ignored it for awhile and hoped it would go away.  But it didn't.  So I got to googlin' and figured it out!


Evidently when you get your oil changed at a dealer, they reset some sort of switch to tell your car that the oil is changed.  I had gotten my oil changed at Midas (quick newsflash:  Midas is SO MUCH CHEAPER for oil changes than other places!  I used to go to Jiffy Lube and paid around $40... Mike told me Midas was half the price that I was paying!  Now I've switched permanently.  Thanks BF!) and I guess they don't reset the little switch.  So I found a website that taught me how to reset the light.  And it worked!  I read on a forum that someone paid $50 to get the light reset when they took it to the dealer.  DANG!


I may or may not be attempting to give myself an at-home haircut tomorrow night... cross your fingers that this works :)


Last week we ventured to Wal-Mart to get me a tennis racket.  Mike has an old racket from high school but I didn't have one.  So I picked up a cheap racket ($10) and a pack of balls ($2) and we were good to go!  Our apartment complex has tennis courts so we are going to start making good use of them :)  I guess tennis can be a pretty cheap hobby!


When my current body wash runs out, I want to start sharing Mike's bar soap.  But I can't stand when the bar gets all squishy from being wet in the shower!  So I found one of these fancy soap holders that you can set the soap on so that it dries out between uses.  I took a picture of it on our bathroom counter to save you from seeing our dirty shower scum.  You're welcome.


So... that's what's up around here.  Gotta go finish watching Jeopardy and drug myself up with some more allergy meds.  Hope you are having a lovely evening!



What have you done lately to save money?  Give me some good tips or tricks!