I have a lot of feelings today and want to write about what's on my mind. It's kind of a continuation of my post last week. Basically, you're my diary today. Sound good? Okay, good :)


First, have I told you about my incredible excitement that Mike likes listening to podcasts with me? I have slowly introduced them to him, tested out a few different shows, and found one that he really likes- the Listen Money Matters podcast. LMM is a show about personal finance hosted by two 20-something guys. On our last drive to Rochester, we listened to THIS episode where they interviewed my fav blogger ever, Mr. Money Mustache. It was a REALLY good episode, I strongly recommend you listen! MMM is very funny.


During this interview, the LMM guys mentioned side hustles and asked MMM if he thought that people should have a side hustle in order to bring in additional money. Mr. Money Mustache basically said that he doesn't think side hustles are necessary. That comment totally stuck out in my mind because it seems like EVERY other financial blogger is obsessed with the idea of side hustles to bring in extra money.


So the fact that MMM doesn't think they're necessary? That was VERY interesting to me. And the more I thought about it (it's now been a few weeks since listening to that episode) the more it makes sense.


As I mentioned last week, I think packing your life to the brim leads to bad things. In my own life, I found that having less free time leads to me slacking in my usually good financial and life habits.


I know that I have a finite number of hours in the week. I already think that a 40-hour a week workweek is insane! (side note: Mike recently told me about the study Sweden did where they found that workers are just as productive in 6 hours as they are in 8... I would agree!) So why am I giving myself more work- even "side hustle" work that I do enjoy- that takes away from my free time? And like I mentioned in the last post, not only is it a bummer to have less free time- it also has a BIG effect on my wallet.


When time gets tight in my life, I end up spending more money. Here are some of the ways:

  • ordering Chipotle for dinner rather than making a home cooked (cheaper, healthier) dinner
  • not having time to make iced coffee for work and stopping at Dunkin instead
  • having less time to shop for clothes, so I buy something that i'm not 100% in love with, and then a few months later end up donating it and repeating the cycle
  • spending money at a bar, or Target, or on ice cream, etc, when I need a mental break
  • working out less, which will lead to higher health expenses later in my life


I really like blogging here. I really like trying to build Saving Money in your Twenties into a profitable business that will help people get smarter with their own money while also providing me some side income. However, I also know my personality and I know I get overwhelmed INCREDIBLY easily. I'm working on getting that under control because it's a little ridiculous sometimes, but I know how I am and I accept that I'm easily overwhelmed. So what if I allow myself to "just" * work my full-time job and live my life right now, and type things into this blog when I feel the urge? I don't need to assign a label to it. It doesn't NEED to be a "side hustle". There's no dollar amount that I need to be bringing in each month.


*I put that in quotations because it seems hilarious that "just" working 40 hours a week is a cop out, but being in the blog world totally skews my view to make me think that ONLY having one job is not enough :(


I think there's so much more to life than trying to work yourself to death- no matter if you actually do enjoy your "side hustle" or not. The fact is, I think we could all do with more free time in our lives to pay more attention to our financial lives. There's a possibility you might come out ahead by dropping your side hustle-- use that extra time to pay closer attention to your finances, to cook food at home, to workout and keep yourself healthy, and to relax with free activities like reading and going on walks.


PHEW. I feel better after typing all that out. Thanks for listening <3


Welp, I'm going to go back to packing up for our move - it's happening this weekend! WOO! Also, to update you, we have downsized SO MUCH MORE than I initially posted about- seriously, I have gotten rid of so much stuff and it feels SOOOOO GOOOOOD. Also yes I know I still owe you an ebay post- I took pictures for the post but just haven't gotten around to actually writing it yet ;)



Do you have a "side hustle"? If so, how do you balance it with your main job, and life, and everything else?