I think everyone is too busy for their own good.

Do you agree?


We're constantly attached to our phones/computers and there's always something super duper important that we should be doing right this very instant.


Having such a rushed life, in my opinion, leads you to spending more money. You start spending money on "convenience" items and activities. Or you start spending your money on more extravagant things to make yourself feel better about your lack of free time.


But there's another way to do it.


Lately, Mike and I have been spending a lot of our free time doing free/cheap activities. We've been morphing these cheap activities into dates (or "adventures" -- that sounds even more fun). Here are a few recent escapades:


Afternoon Beach Trip

After work last week, we hopped in the car and drove the 20 mins up to the beach for the afternoon. We laid out on our towels and got some sun (you know, the amount of sun that you can get at 4pm) and it was just a really freakin' awesome way to end the work day. So much better than mindless TV.


 Cost = just the cost of gas


Free coffee #1

We hit up McDonald's for a free coffee. We walked the ~1 mile to get it, then continued to stroll around our neighborhood after we were done. We turned those 2 free small coffees into a straight up ADVENTURE (and exercise!) and it was great. You know what wouldn't have been as great? If I had said, "oh, I really have some important {insert truly unimportant task here} thing to do- let's just drive over and pick the coffee up and come back here". I would have missed out on a really fun adventure.

Cost = totally free.


Niagara at Night

We found ourselves galavanting around Buffalo last weekend, and decided to make an impromptu stop at Niagara Falls. It was completely unplanned but just SO amazingly fun! It added probably close to 2 hours to our trip (for like 10 minutes at the falls, haha) but was totally worth it.


Cost = just the cost of gas


Free coffee #2

We got a coupon for {another} free coffee in the program from the Bills game- this time for Tim Hortons. Again, we made an adventure of it, grabbing the coffees then sitting down and having a mini coffee date after work. (ok maybe the "date" is just in my head and Mike didn't think anything of it-- but in my mind, it was a date ;) )

Cost = we drove to this one, so just the cost of gas. {we were kinda in a rush... ideally we should have walked!}


Cheap Baseball Game

We continued our week o' sports by getting tickets to the minor league baseball team up here, the Rochester Red Wings. We Mike scored an AMAZING deal- 2 FRONT FREAKIN' ROW tickets for $7 each!  {ps- thanks for the tickets, boo!} {pps don't worry, I don't really call him "boo"}


No joke, front row. How cool is that? And they won, unlike the Bills... AND there were fireworks!


Cost = $20 ($14 in tickets, $6 in parking) ---> and that's for like, 5 hours of adventure!



Those are just a few examples (within the past week!) where we turned a cheap/free activity into a real live adventure! I really love carving out time from our schedules to spend 2 hours visiting Niagara Falls or spending an hour walking to McDonalds just to get a free coffee.


I think that sometimes life moves too fast and we don't stop to enjoy the little things like that.


In a relationship, particularly, I think that you can save a LOT of money by not going on traditional "dates" (movies, restaurants, mini-golf) and instead, making your little every day activities into an adventure!


The more you consciously enjoy those little moments, the less you'll be longing for fancy restaurant dates or the newest 3d movie. Trust me.



When's the last time you turned something small into an ADVENTURE?