After the shopping spree I went on the other week, I wanted to print some updated pictures to fill our new picture frames.  


Not so pretty without a picture inside...


Target vs. Snapfish?

I've printed out pictures from Target before, so I figured I'd do that again this time.  But after googling around a bit, I discovered that Snapfish offers picture printing & delivery for a comparable price to Target.  Plus, they offer your first 20 prints for free!  (it seems like this is an ongoing offer)


I had 25 prints picked out.  Normally, I would have sent these pictures to Target and picked them up an hour later.  This costs $0.19 per print, so it would have been $4.75.


Snapfish Wins!

With Snapfish, since the first 20 pictures were free, I was only charged for 5 pictures (at $0.09 per print) and ~$2.00 in shipping and handling.  The total order came out to $2.57 for 25 prints.  So awesome!


The slight downside is the time it took to get the pictures-- with Target, I could have picked up the pictures within the hour.  But it was about a 9 day wait for getting the Snapfish pictures in the mail.


Does anyone do picture collages anymore?  Am I lame for still doing them?  Ok wait don't answer that...


Next time you need to print pictures, I'd definitely recommend Snapfish.  Sign up with a new email address every time you print pictures and you'll get your first 20 fo' free ;)




When's the last time you printed pictures?  Have you ever used Snapfish?