Dude. I can't even begin to tell you how much I am obsessed with our new apartment. LIKE 100% OBSESSED. It's so beautiful and I love it.  


I took some pics yesterday so that you can see! I'll probably make a video eventually, too... just like our last place! :)


From the front door, this is the view. Ignore the many boxes and random ironing board right there in the middle... this is the last room that we need to work on unpacking! So anyway, the kitchen & dining "nook" are off to the left, hallway to the bedrooms and bathrooms straight back, and a coat closet on the right. (there are SO many closets here and I love it)


Here's a view towards the front door where that last pic was taken. Look at the fireplace that we haven't covered up and probably won't-- yay! First time for everything I guess, ha.


Here's one side of the kitchen. I love the white cabinets & dark counters... and how you can see through to the living room!


Other side of our kitchen and in the back is our little dining nook AND the washer and dryer! After having a shared laundry in the basement in our last place (and we had to pay $3 in quarters for it) now having one in our apartment is totally awesome.


Then there's one bathroom off the hall-- I still can't get over how crazy it feels to have AN EXTRA BATHROOM! Like, who has two bathrooms?! I feel like I'm living in a mansion.


Aaaand here's my favorite room: OUR OFFICE! See that huge beautiful desk in the corner? I just got that yesterday from Ikea! (side note: I need to write a post about Ikea because it's amazing and I found out that you can get free coffee there and obvi I need to share that with you!) I cannot wait to get back to working tomorrow just because of that desk- ha! I still need to get a new desk chair... anyone know of any good cheap-ish but still nice desk chairs?? (I gave Mike my old desk + chair because they drove me insane. the desk was too small and the chair is falling apart and has NO cushion anymore haha)


Here's our bedroom! We have so much space in there that we even fit a chair in the corner. whooooa. (I'm obviously not used to having extra space haha)


And the bedroom from the other side. Closet on the left and bathroom on the right!


Walk in closet... ahhhhhhmazing :) We had a walk in closet in our second to last apartment, then went down to a tiny closet in Rochester and that was SO painful having to downsize. I had to keep my sweaters in our front coat closet just because there wasn't enough room! So having a big closet again is glorious.


And the (super messy) bathroom off our bedroom... haven't gotten to putting this stuff away yet :)


And just for kicks... here's what our kitchen looked like during the unpacking process. We have SO MUCH PAPER IN THE HOUSE RIGHT NOW. That's what the movers used to pack everything... and now it's everywhere. hahah ahhhh


So! That's our apartment and if you can't tell and if I haven't mentioned it 1500 times already, I looooove it!!! :)



Anywhooooo... what have you been up to this weekend? Do you have work/school/whatever today or are you off?

Mike doesn't start work til tomorrow so this is our last free day! Two of my friends are coming over to see the apt this morning (HIIIIII Katie & Marg!) and then we're going to work on the last of the unpacking. YAY!

PS gotta sneak this one in here... happy birthday to my oldest bro!!! Thank you for being my #1 email reader & clicker... you're the best!! Love you!