I love weekends.  (who doesn't?)  There is, as this post's title says, so much time to do stuff!

Thursday (does Thursday count as part of the weekend?) we got to try our first batch of home brewed beer!  It.  Was.  Amazing.  We brewed the Caribou Slobber, a brown ale from Northern Brewer.  It was an awesome beer to introduce us to the world of home brewing!



Friday after work we drank some more of our delish beer and started brewing our second batch!  This time we chose the Chinook IPA, also from Northern Brewer.  I'm planning to write up a post with tons of pictures to explain the home brewing process.   Before we attempted home brewing, I always assumed it was going to be really hard and confusing.  But it is not at all!



Saturday we went to explore a nearby town- Del Ray, Alexandria.  A few weeks ago, I had the idea to write a list of all the cool things in our area that I've been meaning to do/see.  After living here 24.5 years, I've yet to do all sorts of "touristy" things in the DC/Northern VA area- so it's about time I start!  Visiting the Dairy Godmother, an ice cream shop in Del Ray, was one of the activities on my To Do list.  And it didn't disappoint!  No pictures of the ice cream sundae (too busy inhaling it) but believe me, it was glorious.



Del Ray is a super cute little town.  I highly recommend you visit it if you get a chance!  Tons of cute shops, restaurants, and cute neighborhoods to walk through.  I fell in love with this house.  Look at that door- it's bright pink!  So awesome.



Later that night, we went into DC to celebrate a friend's birthday.  In the interest of saving some dollas, we brought some homemade drinks to have before getting on the metro.



Embarrassing metro photo shoot?  YUP.



We lucked out by getting to the bar before they started charging the $5 cover (pro tip:  go before 11 and usually there's no cover).  


We ended that night eating homemade popcorn and watching reruns of Tosh.0.  Best way to end a night :)



Sunday we woke up and went to our neighborhood pool for a bit, then crossed off another activity from our To Do list:  visiting Great Falls Park!  We lucked out here because we got to the park a little before 6pm and there was no attendant at the entrance gate- so we didn't have to pay the $5 entrance fee!  WIN.



We explored the nature trails...



...and the took in the awesome scenery (yes we are wearing the same shirt, don't judge)...



...and climbed some big rocks (I hated this part, it was so high off the ground and I'm not a fan of heights)...



...and sat on a rock and watched some kayakers from afar.



Such an awesome weekend!  I highly suggest you make a "To Do" list of activities in your area.  I like that it gets me out and about on weekends, and I surprisingly like playing tourist even in a place I've been my whole life.  Never too late to start exploring!



How was your weekend?  Tell me about your exciting adventures!