Two posts in a row? CAN IT BE?! Yes!! I have lots of post ideas in my head, so I am going to challenge myself to actually post them on a consistent basis again! But today is not a finance related blog.



I promised exciting news, so here ya go....



We're ENGAGED!!!! wahooo!!! 


I really like this picture because of the ice cream cone in my hand. Immediately after getting engaged we stopped at Ben and Jerry's because it was free scoop day... OBVIOUSLY we have our priorities straight in life. Best day ever.



I got the salted caramel blondie flavor which was perhaps one of the top 5 best ice cream flavors I've ever had in my life. I need to try it again to determine whether it just tasted extra delicious because we had gotten engaged 15 minutes prior, or if the ice cream really was that good. Will report back on my findings.



If I had an emoji keyboard on this blog, obvi the heart eyes one would be used here... I can't stop staring at my hand :)



So yeah! It's been almost 2 weeks since we got engaged (and got settled in our new house.. yes, we like to keep things busy/exciting) and it's been really fun so far! People are very happy for us which makes us happy. The screams and tears from our family and friends when we told them were all amazing :) 



Also, as a sneak peak into some possible future blog posts, here's the book I just checked out from the library vs some wedding magazines a coworker gave me... um yeah, let's just say I have a LOT of thoughts on weddings already ;) PS that book is great so far - definitely worth a read if you're not into the whole traditional, spend $30,000 on a wedding thing.