This is what my desk has looked like for the past week as I worked. I found that I'm SO much more productive when I write things out on actual paper rather than on the computer!


ALSOOOOOO today is the first day of spring AKA Free Italian Ice day at Rita's!! (12pm-9pm) Hopefully you have a Rita's near you so that you can take advantage:)


Anyway. Onto the main point of this post. A few weeks ago, Mike and I were cooking dinner and opened a pack of chicken to find a little piece of metal (??!!) sitting on top of one of the chicken breasts.


Not the chicken in question, but I didn't want to start your Friday morning with a picture of raw chicken. So here's a picture of chicken marsala. mmmmm


It was a weird discovery, but we weren't really bothered by it. It was just chillin' on top of the chicken and looked harmless. We were about to pick it off and throw it away when I stopped and realized that maybe we should take a picture so that we could tell the grocery store. So I snapped a picture and we threw the piece away and cooked the chicken. No biggie.


Honestly I wasn't even expecting any sort of compensation or reimbursement by telling the store about it-- I mean we used the chicken anyway so it's not like we lost any money from this. I really just wanted the store to know that somewhere in their production process, metal pieces are falling into the food. Probably not a good thing, haha. And yes of course I was hoping for money but not expecting it. If that makes sense.


So I filled out their online customer service form with the information and the picture we took. They responded thanking us, and ended up sending a $30 check (!!!!!) for our trouble. Considering the original chicken purchase was somewhere around $12-13, I'd say this was a great success.


Also not the chicken in question, but there's too much text in this post and too few pictures. How good do these baked nachos look?! We need to make these again ASAP.


Sometimes it doesn't occur to me to tell companies about things like this {remember this post when I talked about how I don't like confrontation in situations like this?} but we really SHOULD! I mean, if I was the boss of that grocery store I would definitely WANT to know that something wonky is happening somewhere in the production line because uhhh hello if someone ingested a piece of metal the inevitable lawsuit would end up being much larger than $30, haha.


So today's lesson is this: always take opportunities to give companies feedback! They just might thank you for it by sending you some money. And even if they don't, just look at it as good karma and you'll get repaid some other way :)


PS-- I know I've promised you this hair cutting video like 15 times in the past week BUT I kinda want to remake the video because the first one wasn't that helpful. So give me a bit longer and I promise I will post about it as soon as I have a coherent/helpful vid :) But I promise, it's totally worth the wait. I really, really like my hair cut!!



Do you let companies know when something weird happened with your purchase?

If so... have you ever gotten money back for it?