In the comments on Monday's post, a few people mentioned that they were curious how Mike and I split expenses.  




Both of us had lived with roommates before moving in together, so we were pretty used to splitting everything with other people. I'd say the biggest difference is grocery shopping, because now I'm shopping for ingredients for double the servings (but splitting the cost).


I've always said that I don't want him to feel like he's supporting me (especially now, when I'm not quite bringing in the big bucks! ha) so I try to pay super close attention to make sure that I'm still contributing evenly :)


We're no experts on it, but after a little over a year, I think we have a pretty good system.


{not where we actually live.. but aren't those houses cute?}


1. Rent

We split rent right down the middle and each send a rent check (luckily our landlords are cool with this-- otherwise one person would probably write the check and the other would immediately reimburse)


2. Utilities

I set up all the utilities in my name, autopay them each month, then tell Mike how much he owes for his half. We both use the same bank, and it's super easy to transfer money back and forth between our accounts.



3. Groceries

We go grocery shopping together each week and play this very fun game called "try to split the groceries exactly evenly throughout our baskets so we each pay the same amount". Sometimes we do really well, sometimes we're off by $5 or $10 (and then we give a few bucks to the who spent more).

If one of us is buying something that the other isn't gonna eat, then we try to make our purchase bigger by that amount. Ex: when I buy a $3 cheese, I try to make my overall grocery purchase $3 more than Mike's so it's fair!

EDITED TO UPDATE- we discovered (thanks to our friends) that you can just put everything in one purchase and tell the cashier that you want to split it. Mike does quick math in his head and then we tell the cashier exactly how much to put on each card. Super easy! 





4. Entertainment/Dates

I think we've been pretty good at splitting costs of dinners out, nights at the bar, and other miscellaneous dates. We try to remember who paid the last time, and switch off every time.

If there's something that I really want to do and Mike doesn't care so much about it, I'll pay (ex. whenever I have an intense Chipotle craving and HAVE TO GET A BURRITO BOWL RIGHT NOW). Or those times when we go out to a bar with Mike's friends, he'll buy me a beer.



How do you split expenses with your boyfriend / girlfriend / husband / wife / best friend?