1. I'm not sure I've ever gotten this incredibly excited for spring time. But after seeing nothing but snow for 6 months, every beautiful colored flower and the crazy green grass looks amazing to me. I have about a bajillion pictures of flowers on my phone. Also, I've never seen so many tulips in my life. I guess they grow really well up here, or maybe everyone just likes them? I dunno what it is, but there are tulips EVERYWHERE. So awesome.  


2. This is one of my favorite places to walk by. I love that leaning over tree and all the colors on this street! (that leaning tree is actually a really pretty purple color, but this pic doesn't do it justice) Today I walked by and they were dumping a huge mound of dirt on the sidewalk right under that tree? Don't they know they shouldn't mess with my favorite spot? Ugh.



3. This weekend Mike and I were running errands and happened to drive through the cutest little town- Pittsford! I suggested that we stop and walk around for a bit so we did. The Erie Canal runs through the downtown area so we got to walk along the path next to the water for a bit. I still can't believe I live so close to the Erie Canal!! I feel like I grew up learning about it but never actually considered that I'd SEE it.


4. In our walk along the canal, we stumbled across a brewery. So obviously we had to go in and sample the goods ;)


5. We also found the Pittsford library. It.was.gorgeous. I was extra jealous of it because the library closest to our apt is super crappy (guess that's a city library for ya?)  and this one is just so fancy and nice. Look at this whole wall of windows!


6. The "errand" that we were trying to run was going to Trader Joe's. I wanted nuts and knew TJ's has them for kinda cheap. I picked these up and HOLY COW... insanely delicious. I'm not sure how long these are going to last...


7. Haha isn't this a funny picture? The car was parked on a sloped driveway but from our vantage point, looked like it was smooshed into the ground. Made me laugh.



So. That's what's going on in my life. Lots of nature walks and overdosing on almonds. Pretty awesome, if you ask me!



What's up with you lately? Any new food-finds-turned-obsession? Enjoying spring? Going on walks?