Yesterday afternoon I decided to attempt my third ever at-home haircut. It's been over a year since I last cut it (oops...) so it was not looking or feeling so hot. Kinda more like straw than hair. Yeah.  


(side note: the last time I cut it was when I made this video... which has almost 18,000 views?! WHAT?!!!! I feel like a youtube celeb... haha jk)



So I did a little trim and it turned out pretty well! I messed up the second part of the haircut, though... you're supposed to put your hair in a LOW ponytail and then trim off the end... well I put it in a HIGH ponytail and trimmed, which gave me a bit of a layered look.


Like this. Whoops. Oh well, now I know! (so if you see me in real life anytime soon, don't judge...)


(PS-- if you're thinking of trying to cut your own hair-- which you totally should!!!!-- here's my first post about cutting my own hair, here's the vid, and here is a link to the scissors I use!)


Other than that, this weekend we...


...wore matching sweaters to our neighbor's ugly sweater party...


...sweater + sweater leggings = WINNING... oh and there was nothing in that cup. I swear I'm not a drunk...


... and saw a 7 lb chocolate santa for $110!!! Who buys things like this?! What would you even do with that if you did buy it?!


Then we wrapped up the weekend by watching Love Actually :) PS I read this Buzzfeed article about the movie and learned so many fun facts! I was quoting them to Mike throughout the movie, hahaha poor guy


So. That was our weekend!



Have you ever cut your own hair?

How was your weekend?