So.... I signed up for StitchFix in January.


So far I’ve gotten 4 boxes. Remember all the times I used to talk about how Stitchfix was stilly? Ahh, good times.




Here’s why I started doing it, and why it's good for me (for right now):


1 // I'm trying to revamp my work wardrobe. Most of my work items are from 4+ years ago (back when I was first starting my career out of college) and they just aren't fitting well/don't make me feel good. And when you're wearing clothes for 8 hours a day... you might as well feel good in them, right? So I knew I wanted new clothes.


2 // Stitchfix keeps me out of stores, which I honestly think equals less possible purchases. I’m seeing 5 items of clothes in each Stichfix box BUT now I don't have to go shopping. Walking into a store, or the mall, or online shopping, exposes me to HUNDREDS of items.


3 // I can try on items with my current wardrobe. So instead of saying “I think I probably have something to wear with this!” I can actually try the things on and realize that no, I actually have nothing to pair with that item.


4 // It forced me to decide what I want my wardrobe to look like. They recommend making a Pinterest board so I did and pinned items I like. Now I am much more clear on the types of items I like and want my wardrobe to contain!


5 // I strooooongly dislike shopping. So honestly, I’m more than willing to pay $20/mo for the luxury of this service. (That’s really the main thing- as long as you realize this is a LUXURY service and you aren’t putting off debt repayment in order to afford this, I think it’s okay)


6 // I think it’ll help me upgrade my purchases. I tend to buy cheap items (ahem, Target) and know they won’t last. This is the kick I need to buy nicer clothes.


7 // I have freakin' LOVED some of the items I've gotten!




I 1000000% definitely do NOT recommend Stitchfix if you are tight on money or paying off debts. It’s a LUXURY service- I mean, come on, it is not normal to have a personal shopper pick out clothes for you and mail them right to your door!! But if at this time in your life, you have disposable income and are prioritizing your wardrobe, then by all means, I think this can actually save you money in the long run!



And I don't anticipate myself doing this long term- I am focusing on certain areas of my wardrobe and once I'm feeling good about those areas, I will probably stop. (for example, my first goal was getting more work pants. I got 3 pairs that I LOVE so now I requested no more work pants! Now I'm onto work tops)



If you want to try out Stitchfix and see if it’s a good idea for you, (but ONLY if you can truly afford it-- seriously, not a good idea to get hooked on this if you're paying off debts!) I’d very much appreciate if you used my affiliate link :)





Have you ever tried Stitchfix or another service like this?


How do you shop for clothes?