Did you have a good New Year's Eve?!  I know I probably should have asked you this on yesterday's post but I actually scheduled that one ahead of time. I knew I would be laying on the couch all day and wouldn't have the energy to write a post about NYE :)



Mike and I spent the night hanging out with friends.  We had a bunch of friends over for dinner and drinks then went downtown for the countdown (look at those rhyming skills) and met up with some more people!  It was super fun.  We also saw 3 guys get arrested at various points in the evening. We had a table near the front windows of the bar and that turned out to be where the cops parked their cars and arrested everyone.  Interesting.


Anyway... moving on.


Are you making resolutions?

Yesterday, I gave you one of my resolutions- to get better at remembering birthdays & holidays.


But that isn't my only resolution.  This year, I have another major one.  It's kind of sappy but I think its so important, and I hope you will join me!



Sometimes I think social media is the worst thing ever invented in the whole entire world.  Every time you log into Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you're greeted with cropped, edited, and filtered pictures and statuses of your friends' lives.


You look at your friend's Instagram picture of their new corner office and suddenly your job pales in comparison.  You see a Facebook check-in at the new bar downtown and wish that you were out with friends tonight, too.  You get inundated with tweets about someone's vacation in Vegas and now the road trip you planned next month looks boring.


I usually notice negative feelings when I'm looking at things posted by people I went to high school or college with but don't really talk to anymore.  I guess it's because I don't know the person that closely anymore?  So I can only assume that all the good things I see them post online must mean that their life is so completely awesome.


But I know that's not true.  I know people are only posting the very best moments of their lives.  But it's still hard to not compare myself to them.


That's why I resolve to take a step back in 2014 to remind myself that I'm pretty freaking awesome, too.  I need to stop comparing myself to people and just be me.  It's hard to feel grateful for all you have when you're constantly comparing yourself to someone else's life.




Will you join me in this resolution?