Now that I'm working from home, I needed some cool stuff to spruce up my desk.  I decided that a cork board would be a good addition- it's functional AND can be cute.  


But it's definitely not in its original form.  That brown cork color SO does not excite me.  So I decided to paint the board!  It's so easy that you really don't even need to read a post about it (seriously, spoiler alert: just paint it!) (no just kidding you should still read this).



You'll need:

  • Paint (I used acrylic paint, I'm not sure if the type matters... you could probably use anything)
  • Paintbrush
  • Masking tape / painter's tape (if you want to make a design)
  • Cork board


Here's How:

1.  Tape off the design that you want on your board.  I chose stripes.  You could skip this and freehand paint it, if you want!  Also you could do just one solid color, or kinda a sponge paint design, or polka dots... the possibilities are endless!


1.a. I also taped off the sides to make sure the stripes went all the way around the board.


2.  Get your paint ready.  I only bought two bottles of paint and mixed them up to create 3 different tones.  Cheaper than buying 3 bottles ;)


3.  Start painting.  You'll probably need two coats- the cork soaks up the paint real quick!


4.  Remove tape.  Admire handiwork so far.


5.  Paint where the tape was.  I freehanded this portion and it wasn't too hard.  Or you could wait for the painted portions to dry then tape off those parts to make it easier on you.  Whatever floats your boat!


6.  Let it dry (I left it overnight) and then hang your finished product and start using it!


Super, super easy craft.  And it was cheap.


The whole thing came in a little under $10.00... the paint was $0.57 each, the brush and masking tape were $1.00 each, and the cork board was $6.00.  It would be even less if you have any of these items already on hand.


I bet something like this would be $15-20 if you were to buy it pre-decorated.  Save the money and do it yourself!



What is the last craft project you did?  Do you have any super easy (and cheap!) crafts to share?