Last Friday, Mike and I went to a sushi restaurant for dinner.  

{yeah we go to restaurants, despite how much I preach against them ;) }


We ordered a platter of sushi to share and also chose an appetizer recommended by the waitress.


Unfortunately for our wallets (and stomach), we made a few big mistakes. Read along and make sure you don't make these errors, either!



Mistake #1: listening to the waitress without consulting the menu.

Despite how much I pride myself on obsessively checking prices, the waitress recommended an appetizer for us and we immediately said "okay!" without even checking in the menu to see how much it cost. (we were really hungry, that probably had something to do with it)

"Can't be that much, right?" Mike said after she walked away.

"Yeah, like $4 or $5 max" I said.

I was wrong. So, so wrong. It was $9. Ouch.

(We like to play a game where we think of all the other things we could have bought with that money-- for example, in this case, that's a burrito + chips at Chipotle, or a 6 pack of fancy beer! depressing.)



Mistake #2- thinking that sushi would fill us up.

We ended up spending $30 on that dinner (with tip)... and we were still hungry when we left.

Ultimate fail.

We literally went home and made ourselves second-dinner.

So if you learn nothing else from me, remember this: sushi is good, but it is NOT a frugal meal.


PS- I'm terrible at knowing what types of sushi there are (sushi, sashimi, etc)-- if you're as clueless as me, check out this site! It's really helpful in explaining all the different types of sushi.



Are you a sushi fan? What's your favorite kind?

Now that I know the proper names, I can say that I like maki (the rolls). I'm super unoriginal and like the popular types... california and spicy tuna :)