For approximately the past 3 years, I have been attempting to perfect the art of pizza making.  

I mean... is there ANYTHING more delicious than pizza? I think not.


Oh. Wait. Yeah, Chipotle is... but that's another type of cuisine so that doesn't count.


I am happy to announce that I FINALLY figured it out!! So I took a whole bunch of pictures when I made pizza for dinner Wednesday, and I'm going to show you my techniques so that you can do it too!


How to Make The BEST EVER Homemade Pizza


1. Make the dough.

We got a food processor a few months ago, so I looked around for food processor pizza dough recipes and found this one-- and it is SO SO SO GOOD. I'm not sure if you could make it without a food processor...? Maybe! If you do let me know! I used to buy the Pillsbury pizza dough in the refrigerated section of the grocery store and it is NOTHING compared to real dough. Plus making your own dough is like, a billion times cheaper and doesn't include weird ingredients that you can't pronounce.



The recipe we use only needs the dough to rise for 45 minutes, which is one of the reasons I really like it. (I found many recipes that needed HOURS of rise time and uhhh that is just not happening) So it starts looking like the picture above, then I pop it in a slightly warm oven (turn the oven on for ~2 minutes just so it starts getting warm then turn off... check to make sure it's not TOO hot!) for 45 minutes while I do everything else.


It ends up looking like this! Yeast is crazy.


2. Prep the toppings.

Another issue we ran into during one of our pizza attempts was that we put on raw vegetables and as they cooked in the oven, they made the pizza SUPER soggy! It was gross. So now we pre-cook our vegetables.


I used eggplant, green pepper, and onion, seasoned with a little salt and pepper. Cooked in ~1T EVOO over medium heat for 5-10 minutes, just until they're slightly browned + soft-ish. (that's really as good a description as I could come up with... haha sorry)


This is what they look like after cooking.


3. Prep the pan.

I use a normal cookie sheet to make our pizza-- we don't have a pizza stone or anything fancy like that.


I spray the sheet with cooking spray and then... the most important step...


Sprinkle it with corn meal! (that's the best action shot I could get, haha)


I used ~2 T of cornmeal, just sprinkled all over the pan (after it had been sprayed with cooking spray). This is seriously a vital step-- it makes the crust so crunchy just like a real pizza place!


4. Make the dough into crust.

After the pan is ready and the dough has risen (and, in our recipe's case, you punch the dough down), it's time to make it into a pizza shape.


Gradually stretch the dough out to form a rectangle (or circle, whatever you're makin') on the pan. Be patient... it takes awhile to get the dough to stretch the way you want. But it will.


Another tip I read in my pizza research (no joke, I researched this SO much) was to put a light coating of EVOO on the dough before you put the sauce on-- it's supposed to form a barrier between the sauce + toppings and crust, so it doesn't get soggy!


Here's what it looks like after I smoothed out the olive oil all over the crust.



Alright, getting exciting now- it's topping time!


First, sauce. One time I forgot to put the sauce on (how do you even do that???) so now I'm uber careful to not skip this step. haha. I like making our own pizzas because I can give Mike lots of sauce and me less sauce :)


This is the kind we use. I should probably try to make our own sometime...


Then the vegetables!


And pepperoni! This pepperoni was left over from a bigger bag we got a few weeks ago and froze- they still tasted fine! So, now we know-- you can freeze pepperoni! :)


I forgot to take a picture of this step but I did put cheese on my side of the pizza! (which was also frozen... did you know you can freeze shredded cheese? yupppp)


6. Bake.

I bake our pizza at 450 for 10-15 minutes. I think I did ~12 Wednesday but it wasn't quite as crisp as I wanted... so maybe next time I'll do the full 15. (in the pic below you can see that the crust isn't really browned)


VOILA! The most delicious homemade pizza in the whole entire world. Go make this ASAP.



Do you make homemade pizza? Have any other pizza tips for me?!

What are your favorite pizza toppings?

I'm a bigggg fan of Hawaiian (ham and pineapple) but we haven't actually tried that on our own yet! Hey Mike, let's do that next!!