Yesterday, I had a craving for happy hour.  



I googled around to see what bars in the area had good happy hours-- we've been to a few but I was looking to increase my local happy hour knowledge. (remember when I talked about learning about all the special deals in your neighborhood?)


(side note:: I learned this in my research, DID YOU KNOW that in Virginia, evidently bars cannot advertise their happy hour specials!?? ITS AGAINST THE LAW!! I don't know if this applies in other states but in VA they can't advertise on social media!!! HOW RUDE! I've always wondered why it's so flippin' difficult to find out happy hour deals... welp now I know, it's because it's ILLEGAL! ugh. So annoying. Don't the lawmakers know this is an issue to people just trying to save money in their twenties!? ;) )


I had almost decided on a place when I discovered the most exciting happy hour deal of all-- at Chuy's (a Tex-Mex place; I think they're around the southeast-ish US)


(and no they aren't paying me to say this, I WISH)


Anywho, in addition to their drink specials (which actually aren't that good, $5.25 house margaritas, $3 domestic bottled beers, meh not great) they have a FREE NACHO CAR that you can partake in during happy hour (4-7 M-F) .


{pic source}

Yeah, that's a nacho car. Basically a nacho bar (chips, queso, salsa, refried beans, taco meat) inside of a car. ITS AWESOME.




Mike and I can do some serious damage to nachos so getting it for free was like the best deal in the entire world. I was a happy (get it? happy hour? haaaaaa) girl.



What's the best happy hour deal you've ever found?