Dude. You guys are so clever with your ideas for an Instagram hashtag! I love it!  


Here's what I got:


I really liked the "freehappiness" because it's short and sweet. BUT it's already being used on Insta and I kinda like the idea of having my very own that no one else has used before... so I'm going to go with "SMIYTfreehappiness":)


SO! I'm going to start posting #SMIYTfreehappiness pictures on my Instagram and I would love for you guys to join! I'll share my favorites that you guys post, too :)

In other news, we went on another mini-trip to VA beach this weekend! It was SO SO SO crowded... like, I couldn't even believe how many people were there.



It was one of those days where we had to CRAM in on the beach between other people (even though there's a big gap in this picture... I don't know why that's there but I swear it was really crowded, ha!) and then the tide came up and Mike tried to build a wall of sand to keep us dry (which other people started doing too, at one point there were 9 people working on the wall! so hilarious) but eventually the tide was too strong and we had to relocate... bummer. Anyway, it was a good time and I didn't get burnt so SUCCESS all around. And then we went to Chipotle and used one of our buy one get one free deals. YUM.



This post doesn't really lend itself to any related questions sooooo here's an unrelated question...

Tell me a random fun fact!

My fun fact: Exactly 3 years ago today (well, technically at like 10 or 11pm), I met Mike! We both ended up at a random bar-- him with his roommates, me with my roommate and some of our friends. Somehow Mike and I ended up talking (even though neither of our friend groups knew each other) and I gave him my number (even though I had forgotten my phone at home that night?! dumb) and when I got home he had texted me (with literally just a 2 word text-- his first and last name, nothing else. not even a "hey." hahahaha still cracks me up) and we went to Chipotle for our first date 3 days later. I think it's especially crazy because if we hadn't met that night at that bar, we have ZERO mutual friends so I don't think our paths would have ever crossed in any other way! And I had contemplated not going out that night, his friends originally wanted to go into DC instead of staying local but then their plans fell through... Life is crazy, yo.