Remember when I asked you where to buy cheap but good candles?  



A few of you commented + emailed (Amy Lauren, Rebecca, Kim, Stephanie, Susan-- thank youuu!!) and told me that you get candles at Bath + Body Works BUT only when there are sales. So I immediately went and signed up for their email list and waited until one of their sales came along.


It's been about a month and a half since I signed up for their emails. I saw a few 2 for $24 sales which were good, but I wanted to wait to see if there would be any better deals. Well whaddaya know... last weekend there was a 2 for $24 PLUS an extra 25% off coupon. BOOM. Done.


I dragged Mike to the mall and we sniffed every candle in B+BW... twice. Some three times. It's so hard picking the right candles!!



I (finally) ended up with these two (and killed half my smell receptors from so much sniffing) and they are AMAZING and make me so happy.


Even the lids are cute. I mean..... right?!


This is how happy I am when I get a really good deal on candles. Or when it's finally warm and sunny outside. Either one.


Final cost? 2 (awesome smelling) candles for $18. Okay, $19.08 with tax. You guys give me the best tips, so thank you to everyone who mentioned B+BW!! (also a few of you mentioned places like TJ Maxx and dollar stores-- I have checked those places but haven't found any scents I'm in love with, but I'm going to keep an eye out!)


PS I miiiiight have cut my hair again last night. Keep an eye out Friday/Monday for a new hair cutting video ;) 


Are you a candle person?

I know they're quite useless and definitely not the smartest use of money BUT you know me an my philosophy on spending: if you really want something, you can get it and then cut something else out of your budget that you don't really care about :)