1. Had another beer tasting at Wegmans!  

I poured samples of 3 different types of Smirnoff Ice :)  It was fun! Not quite as fun as the Guinness Blonde tasting, though. Beer is more fun to talk about than Smirnoff, haha


2. Went to a Washington Nationals baseball game with my Dad, brother, and Mike!


2a. Forgot to bring a jacket to the game (because it was like 60 and sunny-- figured it would be warm?) uhhh no. My bro gave me his jacket to wear... thanks Matt!


3. After the baseball game, walked to the Cherry Blossom festival! Sadly the cherry blossoms were not out yet :(


3a. Wore my brother's jacket all around the city. stylinnnn. #america


4.  Took tourist-y pictures :)


5. Took a few more tourist-y pictures :)


6. And a few selfies.


7. Went to my parents' house for Easter. It was lovely :) I subjected Mike to looking at tons of pictures of me as a baby.


8. Made this awesome frozen lemonade pie for Easter dessert... mmmm


9. But then my bro + niece showed me up by making these Reeses 'cupcakes'-- a Reeses, covered in chocolate ice cream, then topped with whipped creme and Reeses pieces. It was amazing.


And that was my weekend :)



How was your weekend? Did you make any delicious desserts?