I can't even handle how excited I feel about (finally) figuring out this genius Target hack.

Ready for this?

(it's a good one)



Okay.... so you know those times when you need one specific thing from Target? Last week, in my case, I ran out of ink and reeeeally needed a new black ink cartridge.


I googled around and figured out that Target carried the ink I was looking for. And then I saw the little "eligible for Store Pickup" text on the sales page. And I thought, "hm. Maybe I should try Store Pickup! Then I can just walk in and grab the ink and be gone ASAP!"


And then I got sad for a minute because I really do love walking through Target and looking at all the pretty things.


And then I remembered...


Yeah. Staying the heck out of Target is one of my favorite money saving tips (it may or may not be one of the tips in my e-guide, 20 Quick Tips to Save More Money! <-- have you gotten your copy yet? It's freeee!) so I was like, DUH, any chance to just grab the ink and stay out of the rest of Target is a good idea.


So I tried the Store Pickup. I ordered the ink (you order it and pay in advance) and then got an email within an hour saying that my purchase was ready for pickup. So I drove over there, went to Guest Services, and was in and out of the store within, like, 2 minutes flat. IT WAS GLORIOUS.


Success. Only ONE purchase from Target!! I didn't even get a BAG, that's how you know it was a small trip! haha


It did bum me out a bit not being able to go shopping inside Target but I know I didn't actually NEED to buy anything today... so why risk the impulse purchases??


Moral of the story: Use Store Pickup if available at Target (and any other store where it's available for free!!) and DON'T let yourself shop around in the rest of the store. It's the smartest thing you can do for your wallet!!


Oh, and my other favorite Target hack? Getting the RedCard. Best credit card EVER!! 5% off everything at Target and free shipping online?! Yuuuup. The best. (if you don't have one and want one, I would loooove if you signed up using my affiliate link! :) )



Have you ever used store pickup at Target? (or any other store?)