Welp, Halloween is fast approaching. Since it's on a Thursday this year, many people will be celebrating the weekend before... aka THIS weekend. Yikes- so soon!  


We are trying to brainstorm costume ideas that a) won't be expensive and b) won't be skanky (okay that's my particular preference).


The other caveat is that we only have partial wardrobes with us right now; the rest of our clothes are in storage! So I have to make sure whatever we choose can work with the small amount of clothing we have at Mike's parents' house.



The Options

Lumberjack. This seems like it could be pretty easy- I think Mike has 2 flannel shirts so I could borrow one, we wear jeans and boots and BOOM. Done. If you're feelin crafty, you could even make an "axe" from cardboard and duct tape.



Brawny Man. Variation of the lumberjack- just add a roll of paper towels. Easy costume AND useful for any potential spills at your party.



Rollercoaster Car . I don't think I want to attempt this one, but it would be AWESOME. Someone please do this and send me a picture. Click here for the instructions.



Skier / Snowboarder / Eskimo. These are all kinda the same idea- wear a jacket, big puffy pants, a hat, and goggles (if you have them). Bonus! It keeps you warm.



Magic Mike. This is obviously for the guys- especially works well for ones named Mike! ;) You can wear black pants and then any combo of shirt/tie/vest/bow tie. And I guess a cowboy hat is possible? (I've never seen the movie so I'm actually only going off this one picture- ha)



Lady Bug. I did this one for pretty cheap during college- I think I found the red dress at Walmart (it was probably like $5) and then cut circles from 1 yard of black fabric and used some iron-on fabric glue to put them on the dress. The whole costume probably came in somewhere around $8. You could also sew on the spots or even cut the circles out of black duct tape.



Wilma Flinstone. I bought a 3 pk of XXL men's t-shirts, 7 styrofoam balls of varying sizes, and some sort of skinny metal for the necklace. This was all probably under $10. String the styrofoam balls onto a necklace (seriously, I can't remember what I used-- it might have been something I found in the jewlery making aisle of Walmart?). For the dress, cut off an arm of one of the t-shirts to make a one sleeved dress. Then cut triangles out of the bottom of the shirt. I doubled up shirts- the "dress" was a little too short for my liking so I made a little skirt out of another shirt in the package to make the outfit a bit longer. And to make it a little more form fitting (XXL men's shirts are rather large) I used a scrap piece of fabric and tied it as a belt.



Football Player. This is another comfy outfit. Wear a jersey and whatever pants you want. Leggings work best because it makes it look a little more sporty. I think I wore black yoga pants and knock off Ugg boots with this outfit. Finish the look with some black eyeliner and you're good to go!



M&Ms. I like this one. Just print the M shape out and tape to the front of a colorful shirt.



Google Maps. I probably shouldn't put this one up- Mike has an obsession with maps so I'm pretty sure he's going to want to do this one. It looks fairly easy- wear a neutral colored shirt and use yellow tape (?) to make the roads. Then print some street names and bus icons to tape on. Find a big piece of cardboard, paint it red and tape on or draw an "A" and "B". Not sure I'd like wearing the red thing around my head all night, but it would look pretty cool!



Mario and/or Luigi. This is a terrible picture, I know, but hopefully you get the gist. Denim overalls and a red or green shirt, red or green hat with a circle of white fabric with an "L" drawn on in sharpie, and white gloves. Surprisingly (embarrassingly?) I had the overalls, and I borrowed a green t-shirt from someone, so I just bought the gloves, hat, and fabric for the "L".



Peanut Butter and Jelly. This would be good if you and someone else have a completely purple outfit and completely brown outfit. Print or draw the logos on paper and tape them to your shirts. DONE! (update: we did wear these costumes the next year!)



Bank Robbers. I like this one because I know for sure I have a black and white striped shirt and black pants easily accessible right now. All you need is the shirt, black pants, and a ski cap. You can make the mask out of paper and maybe use a reusable grocery bag for the "money bag" and print out a money sign to tape on? Ladies, this would also be great because you have a purse built into your costume! #winning.




Do you have any cheap and easy Halloween costume ideas? What are you planning to dress as this year?