I have no idea how to start this post so I'll just jump in and say it-- I am taking a little break from blogging.  


I've been in a really weird mood for these past few days/weeks where I just don't feel motivated to talk about money. I know that's not going to be a permanent feeling, but it's what I'm feeling right now and it makes writing blog posts hard. And when posts are hard to write, they usually aren't that interesting or useful or funny, and then they're no fun to read, and then what's the point?


I know I'm not done with blogging forever; I just need a little break to get motivated again and then I'll be back. I don't know if it'll be a few weeks or a month or what, but I'm going to take the time until I feel back to my normal financially-obsessed mood ;)


In the meantime, I'll probably be attempting to change up this website (strooooongly contemplating moving to SquareSpace from Wordpress-- any bloggers out there done that? thoughts?) to make it more helpful/user friendly/pretty (haha, priorities), and brainstorm my next big ideas (already have a fun free monthly challenge in mind, woo!).



And I'll be reading. (if I'm still on hiatus at the beginning of September, I'll probably pop back in with a August Books post because I read some reeeeally good ones so far this month!)



And eating sesame chicken (using THIS recipe from Budget Bytes, soooo good!)



And exploring/apartment hunting-- check out how small this house is!!! (oh did I mention we're going to be moving in October because our rent went up $400 FREAKING DOLLARS A MONTH? yuuuup) (and no, that tiny house is not actually one of the housing options we are considering haha)



And trying to get back my running skillz (I've discovered I like running in parks wayyyyy better than running around our neighborhood; it's totally worth the 15 minute drive to run here!)


And reading some more, possibly at the pool :)


Make sure you've joined my Facebook group (when you join my email list, I'll send you a link to join the FB group) because I'll probably pop in there every once in awhile to say hi :)


If you need me, send an email! Ashley @ SavingMoneyInYourTwenties .com


Talk to you sooooooon! :)