Hello from Virginia!  I'm about to pack my stuff up and hit the road back to NY again! It was a super short trip :(  


I will spare you a full out rant about yesterday's road trip/dentist shenanigans and instead just give you the highlights:


1. Left Rochester at 6am, barely made it to my 2pm dentist appointment (THATS 8 HOURS UGH)


2. There was a lot of snow/ice in NY and PA... I passed 4 car accidents! :(


3. My windshield wiper fluid decided that it DIDN'T WANT TO WORK forcing me to stop and use snow to clean off the windshield... twice


4. I dropped approximately half a bazillion dollaz on filings.  GRUMPY.


But!  On a happier note, let's admire the gorgeous view from this rest stop!  I don't usually stop here, since it's only 2 hours into the drive (but yesterday my windshield decided to be a jerk so I had to stop) so I'm kind of glad I got to see the view!


OKAY ANYWAY I’ll stop complaining... let’s move on to the important part of this post, eh?


Did you catch the big news yesterday? I’m officially a member of Toastmasters!!


(If you missed the first posts, here's where I decide to join, the first meeting, and the second meeting!)


I went to our meeting on Monday with my filled out application paperwork and check for dues.


When the meeting started, they went through the normal “business” stuff (and as a still-guest, I had to give an “opening comment” again) and then the membership officer went to the front of the room and told everyone that they would be voting on a new member.


Then he turned to me and said that I had to leave the room!


So I went down the hall with the “Sergeant at Arms” (yes seriously, they all have titles) while the group voted.


After about 3 minutes, they called me back into the room and brought me to the podium. The membership officer told me that I had been voted in!


Then I was asked a few questions.  Basically stuff like: will you come to as many meetings as you can, will you let someone know when you can’t make a meeting, will you be a willing participant in the meetings... etc.


I said “I will”. (so official!)


Then they gave me a fancy schmancy Toastmasters pin and pinned it on me. And I think there was hand shaking involved somewhere in that, too.


After the meeting, I asked what the "vote" was like.  It sounds like the membership officer just asked the group, "so, should we vote her in?" and the members stood up and explained their feelings on whether or not I should be allowed in.


One of the ladies said that they voted me in because I had a good sense of humor (FOOLED THEM) and they liked that I was young. Haha, the important qualities, right?


So now I'm legitimate and can participate in meetings.  I'll be getting my Competent Communicator manual soon (hopefully?) and then can start working on speeches.


AND next week, one of the members is going to be absent, so they asked if I would be the JESTER OF THE MEETING! (yes I am not making that title up either)


I guess every meeting they have someone who tells a 2-4 minute joke... and that will be me next week!



That leads me to my question of the day.... anyone have a good joke? :)