Another day, another Toastmasters post!  


(If you missed the series, here’s where I decide to jointhe first meeting, the second meeting, and where I got officially voted in!)


Since my last Toastmasters post, I've actually attended two Toastmasters meeting. Our usual bi-weekly meeting was this past Monday, and last Thursday I attended an Area competition (not to compete, just to watch!)


At the competition, I was volunteered to be a "teller"- which I soon learned was a fancy word for "vote counter". So I got to see the whole competition and then go into a side room and help the head judge count votes. It was pretty cool, I suppose!


Anyway, so then this Monday was our normal weekly meeting. At our meeting last week, I had been asked to be this week's Jester. The Jester's task is just to tell a joke or funny story at the midway point of the meeting.


Easy enough, right?


I had to google a joke (I am the WORST joke teller alive, so there was no way I was going to come up with something without the help of Google) and found a good one on Reddit. I found out Monday afternoon that the joke was supposed to stay within the theme of the meeting (this week's theme was the Oscars!) so I did a little last minute editing... but I think it turned out fine! I practiced a few times Monday annnnnnd lucky for you, taped one of my practices!



The meeting itself was pretty normal- I was called on during the Table Topics portion of the meeting again and my question was: have you ever thought about making a movie, and if so, what kind of movie would you make? I answered that I would make a movie about personal finance for people in their twenties, and talked about personal finance for awhile. Redirection for the win!


At next week's meeting I am going to give my first speech- the Icebreaker! I don't have my manual yet, which would explain what I'm supposed to do for that speech, but they told me that its just a 3-5 minute speech where I talk about myself. I guess I can do that! ;)



If you had to give a 3-5 minute speech about yourself, what are the highlights that you would include? Would you be truthful or make up lies? :)

Next week's theme is St. Patty's Day so I think I'm going to try to find a way to work in the fact that I have red-ish hair (that's Irish, right?) while the rest of my family are brunettes!

Also, I'm definitely NOT going to lie because I am a terrible liar.