I tend to get overwhelmed really easily. I’ll start thinking about one thing that I need to do then suddenly I remember something else and then something else and before long, I feel like there are a gazillion things I need to do and I get super stressed so I just crawl into bed and take a nap hoping that everything will be gone/done when I wake up.  


Healthy coping process, right? Yeah...


So the other day I was reading through my new subscriber survey responses (if you sign up for my email list, I ask you to fill out a few super quick questions so I can get to know you better) and saw a response that really caught my eye.


One of my questions is: “Do you track your spending or budget your money? Why or why not?” and the responder said: “No, because I feel too overwhelmed.”


Oooooh boy. I totally understand what she meant.


So today, I want to talk about why tracking your money doesn’t have to be overwhelming!

(accurate depiction of my overwhelmed face)


How to start tracking your money without feeling overwhelmed:


Step 1: List your questions & concerns & stresses

My typical process of tackling overwhelming tasks starts by writing down everything in my head that’s overwhelming/stressing me out.

So in the case of tracking your money, maybe your “list of overwhelm” looks like this:


Step 2: Take a step back

Okay. Now that you have all those thoughts out of your brain and onto paper, take a step back. Look at every question/fear/stress and objectively say, “is this THAT big of a deal?” or “how will I solve this problem?”


“How do I get started” --> take an hour one day to research how to track your money. There are approximately 1 gazillion articles online that offer suggestions. Or you can email me and I'll give you my tips :)


“What if I spend more than I make?” --> if that’s true, then it would be good for you to figure that out, right? Eventually you’ll have to tackle that issue, might as well be sooner rather than later!


“I’m never going to remember all my purchases” --> come up with a plan to record purchases. Save receipts, create a note in your phone to jot things down, carry a notebook, etc.


Go down your list and address each of your concerns just like that. If you need to spend some time researching answers to your questions, add that into your schedule this week. Break it up into manageable 30-60 minute tasks and write it in your planner!


Step 3: Just get started

Like many things in life, the best way to get over your fears is just to jump in and do it.


Remember this: You don’t have to be perfect when you start. Sure, you might forget a purchase or two—just do your best to estimate it and move on. Sure, you’re going to have to face your late night Taco Bell runs and Target shopping sprees, but I bet they aren’t quite as bad as you’re thinking.



Step 4: Recruit help if necessary

You know yourself best. If you know you are not going to be able to motivate yourself to start tracking and budgeting, then perhaps I can help! Check out my Budget Coaching program-- I hold your hand through the money tracking process and show you how completely NOT overwhelming it is. I even make you a budget and hold your hand through sticking to that, too. Win-win :)

(psssst… February’s Budget Coaching spots are only open until Saturday, so act quick!)



How do you deal with things that overwhelm you?

Does tracking/budgeting your money make you feel overwhelmed?