For the past few weeks, I've been inundated with emails & Instagram pictures about all the really pretty 2015 planners that are about to be launched.  


{Side note: REALLY? talking about 2015 already? I know...}


Here's my current planner :) My biggest bro got it for me for Christmas last year- and he even picked out the design! (and then asked his wife if it was "cute" enough since I had specified "cute" planner on my Christmas list, bahaha)


But these new planners (at least the ones I'm looking at) are targeted at self-employed women and EVERYONEEEE is gushing about how the planner has made them more organized and productive and make more money blah blah blah.


So anyway, I've been lusting over one of these planners in particular (not going to mention names haha) but just wasn't sure if I'd be ready to pull the trigger (to the tune of $70+!!) when the 2015 edition came out in September.


So I did a little experiment...


Step 1:

I googled images of the planner and got a picture of one of the daily agenda pages (the part that most excited me about the planner).


Step 2:

I used the picture to make a mockup of that page! I, uhh, might have gone a little overboard with the mockup... I made it on the computer and everything. But in hindsight, hand drawn on paper would have been just as helpful AND way quicker/easier.


Step 3:

I put it to use. I added my to-dos and my schedule and all that other good stuff, just as if I was using that page from the planner.


Step 4:

Moment of truth... did I like it? Well, wouldn't ya know? ... I didn't like it. I think I liked the IDEA of it- but the pages aren't really that helpful for how I organize my days!


So... $70+ purchase has been avoided. WIN!


(alternatively: if you DO find that you like using the mockup, then you can purchase the item without that nagging fear that you'll hate it!)


I'm not really sure if this can apply to every type of purchase, but next time you're lusting over something, see if you can "try it before you buy it" to make sure you really do want it!


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Am I insane for going to such great lengths for a planner? What kind of planner (if any) do you use?