First things first: in an unexpected yet weirdly fitting turn of events, after posting my "How to go to the movies without spending a billion dollars" post on Monday, Mike and I went to the movies on Monday night! The cheap theater near our house was playing The Interview :) It was our second ever movie date in our almost 2.5 years of dating... whoa.  


I tried to take a selfie in the theater but it was too dark. So here's a selfie from a few months ago just in case you forgot what we looked like.


So anywayyyy. We were hanging out with our house-neighbor this weekend (hiiiii Katy!) and somehow we got to chatting about how to turn down people's invites to hang out.


I asked what her method was of politely declining invites for things she doesn't want to do, without feeling rude or making the other person angry. Side note: this is actually one of my favorite topics of conversation. I've already written about this once but I just love hearing how other people do it!!


Here's what she said:


Tell the person, "Sorry, I can't go out to dinner Wednesday night. How about we meet up for a drink after work on Friday?"


So basically: politely decline their invite (you don't even need to lie, just say you can't do it) and suggest something else that YOU want to do.


I really like this method. When I wrote about this topic the last time, I gave 3 ways to just say "no". But looking back on it, I don't really like that method because you're just turning them down, you aren't showing that you DO want to hang out with them, just in a different event.


And listen, I'm not saying that you should never do things you don't want to do. Being a good friend means sometimes doing things that aren't quite your favorite activity but you want to support your friend. But if it's something that you can turn down, this is just an easier way to do it :)



How do you politely decline invites for things that you just don't want to do, while still maintaining the friendship?