A few months ago, I wrote a post about some unnecessary fees that you should ALWAYS try to avoid.  


Well, today I've got another one for ya.


And honestly it's pretty embarrassing; I almost don't want to admit to it!


BUUTTTT, since this is a blog and I over-share my life anyway, I'll fess up ;)


I had to pay $1.40 in late fees at the library!!!!! AHHHHH how could I let this happen?!?!


(PS- sorry, Mom, I'll never let it happen again!!! ;))


{My mom is a librarian, so I know she'll be extra disappointed haha}


I mean, okay, it's only $1.40. Valid point, not a bank breaker. But imagine getting hit with fines like this a few times a month? Even $4 or $5 can add up over the course of a year!


Fines/fees like this make me extremely angry because they are SO 100% AVOIDABLE! All you have to do, is just DON'T RETURN YOUR BOOKS (or Redbox movies, or whatever) LATE! That's all you have to do and you save money! Have you ever heard of something so simple?


Next time you rent something, remind yourself that the due date is important. Imagine me sitting on your shoulder (you know, like the little devil/angel that they show on people's shoulders in movies or tv?) saying "REMEMBER TO RETURN THIS!"


Avoiding these silly little fees will keep more of your money in your pocket! So, you know, you can use it on iced coffees or ice cream or something fun like that ;)



What's the last silly fee you had to pay?

Before this library fine I think it was an ATM fee at a random gas station in the middle of Pennsylvania... ugh.