I have a whole bunch of things to tell you today!  


1. For anyone keeping up with our attempts at adopting a cat- two days after we returned Red to his outdoor home, Mike's parents got a call that someone wanted to adopt ALL THREE of the cats!


They wanted them as "barn cats", which evidently means (sorry I'm from northern VA we don't have barns or "barn cats" down there...) that they'll live outside (but in a heated barn?) and help chase mice away. So they'll have a perfect combo of outdoor life but still be warm and toasty. And most importantly, they'll all be together! So that made us happy:)



2. For anyone curious about what Mike and I ended up being for Halloween (which, duh, is everyone)... I chose one of the ideas I wrote about last year....


Peanut butter and jelly! :)


We went over to my new friend Emily's house-- we found each other through my blog! HOW COOL IS THAT? Online friends for the win! She threw a pretty awesome party. Thanks for the invite, Emily!!! :)   (and thanks for letting me steal that pic above... ha!)


I also attempted to make and bring cookies with us... but I don't know what happened and I completely failed at them. It was pre-made dough, I just had to make them into balls and bake them... somehow I completely screwed it up, haha. I think I made them too big and our oven was too hot so they both burnt and didn't cook all at the same time. Terrible.


These were the ones that went straight into the trash... but the ones we brought with us weren't much better. haha! Whoops.


3. I've read a few good books lately....

First was These Things Hidden by Heather Gudenkauf. Super good!


And then The Fixer Upper by Mary Kay Andrews. I'm only halfway through this one, but I really like it! I def recommend both!


4. Mouse update! I ended up buying this mousetrap but we haven't caught any mice... but then again, we haven't seen/heard them since the initial sighting a few weeks ago. So maybe they were just passing through? (don't tell me otherwise... I don't like to think about it)


5. In case you didn't catch it on my Instagram... I did manage to hit up both Starbucks and Chipotle on Halloween!

The franken frapp was actually REALLY delicious- tasted kinda like a mint chocolate chip milkshake!


And chipotle was delicious, OBVIOUSLY.


In related news: I gained approximately 10 pounds on Friday afternoon... #worthit



6. My favorite fall drink is back!

PS- Notice the new wall decorations? I couldn't bring myself to throw out our pb&j "costumes"- I spent a solid hour making those labels! Sooo they are now kitchen decorations. Classy, eh?


Anyway-- THIS STUFF IS SO GOOD. But you have to get the sugar free kind-- it's so much better than the original version. The sugar free is harder to find (I have to get it at Super Wal-mart... that's literally the only place that carries it near me, haha) but oh man, totally worth it. My mom and I got hooked on it a few years ago and I get so excited when I can stock up on it again!



Update me on something exciting (or random) in your life!