If you're on my email list, you already know this: I'm on vacation this week! Whoop whoop! (PS- not on my email list? what the heck are you waiting for! Sign up here and you can get insider info, too ;) )  


Mike and I are renting a beach house with somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 of our friends? (I'm not sure how many people are actually going; some are staying for the whole week, some for just a night or two... it's hard to keep track) I am so excited to lounge on the beach all day (under an umbrella, duh.) and hang out with our friends!


So what better time to discuss spending money on a vacation?



Does spending money on a vacation make you feel guilty?

I'm going to be 100% honest with you here.


I feel kind of guilty taking this vacation.


I'm super excited; don't get me wrong-- but it's tough to drop a couple hundred on a vacation when I'm not yet bringing in the amount of money that I want from my business.


And you might be the same way! I think there are two ends of the "Vacation Spending Spectrum" (I just made that phrase up, it's good right??!). On one end, you might be the type (like me) that makes yourself feel SUPER guilty about going on vacation.


You might tell yourself that you're spending too much money, or you don't deserve to have a vacation, or that your money would be better spent on something else. It's tough to tell that little voice in your head to be quiet and to let you enjoy the time away!



Or does going on vacation make you go CRAZY with your money?

The other end of the Vacation Spending Spectrum is that you go on vacation and suddenly you've entered an alternate universe where money grows on trees.


You swipe your credit card and hand over cash with reckless abandon; no souvenir or late-night ice cream cone is left behind. "I'm on vacation!" you say to make yourself feel better about your out-of-control spending.


A few weeks later, your credit card bill arrives and you are snapped back to reality. Oops.



There IS a middle ground!

Vacation spending doesn't have to be like that.


You can be super smart with your money but still go on vacation... and you can go on vacation but still be super smart with your money!


If your money is really tight, try going on a cheaper vacation. This year is definitely a much more frugal year for me (I miss you, office job paycheck!) so a week at the beach in a shared house is WAY better for my spending goals. There's no way a flight to the West Coast or Europe would be in my budget.


If your vacation is already planned, try to cut costs elsewhere. Eat at cheaper restaurants (seriously, you're already on VACATION, why do you need to "treat" yourself at a super expensive restaurant?), prepare food in your hotel or rental house, and take advantage of free activities.  Oh and HERE and HERE are a few more ways to save money on vacay ;)



Is this a problem for you?

You aren't alone! This is a problem for EVERYONE. Especially me. But if you're feeling overwhelmed/stressed out by an upcoming vacation, let me know! We can work together to come up with a vacation budget that works with your saving & debt repayment goals :)



Do you have any vacations planned this summer? If so, where are you going??