So. I'm writing this post from my parent's kitchen :) (hi, Mom and Dad!) Mike and I hopped in the car yesterday and made the trip down south for a few days. I'm feeling extra lazy and didn't schedule any posts for today/Friday sooo this is all I've got :)


I did want to share with you a super sweet pic from our road trip (which was terrible, btw, mikes car doesn't have AC so we literally melted for 7.5 hours straight)...


We stopped at sheetz for lunch (obvi, can't beat those $2 subs) and I got a chance to model my new T-shirt!


Any bloggers out there will understand-- YUP totally rockin a MailChimp shirt!! Haha I signed up for a monthly plan and they sent a shirt for free. I love it!!



Hope you are having a great week!