Welp, life can sure get crazy can't it?  I meant to write a post 2 weeks ago.  And then we went on vacation.  Then I meant to write a post last week.  And then we went on vacation again.  Now I'm sitting in the "lounge" of a Toyota Dealership while my car gets fixed... so that we can go on another vacation at the end of this week.  :)  So anyway, what better time to write a post! PS please don't hate me for all the vacations, I promise this isn't the norm ;)


Unfortunately since my brain isn't working correctly (it gave out after about hour 5 of car-repair-waiting), I can't produce any deep/halfway-intelligent sort of post about saving money, so I'll give you an iphone picture recap of our recent escapades.


This is what our fridge looked like before vacation #1.  Such a sad sight!


Vacation #1 was a trip to upstate NY to hang out with the BF's family.  One day we hit up the "beach" on Lake Ontario.  This still blows my mind-- it looks like the ocean but it's really just a lake-  you can't even see the other side!  (I grew up in northern VA, we don't have "lakes" this size...)


We also went to an awesome winery... such a pretty view!


Next up was visiting the BF's brother at an amusement park in Erie, PA.  They have some sort of ski-lift ride where you travel over the whole park.  It was on this ride that I realized I still have a fear of heights.  Yikes...


There was an crazy traffic jam driving through PA.  This was not fun!


Then was the BF's birthday.  Happy birthday, geoboy!  We celebrated with an icecream cake-- well, ok we tried to celebrate with an icecream cake, but we actually ended up with an icecream roll.  Note to all:  Giant evidently does not sell Carvel icecream cakes.  You will be forced to get an inferior icecream novelty.  Live and learn.


Vacation #2 was a trip to Dewey Beach, Delaware with some friends.  There was a lot of rain, a lot of sun, and a lot of sunburn.  Successful trip!


Yesterday, we made it back home from the beach and start unpacking the car.  The BF stops unpacking and goes, "hey, why is there water on the carpet back here?"  ...turns out that my ENTIRE CAR FLOOR WAS FLOODED.  Sorry for the capslock but that was such a tragic discovery.  No pictures, sadly, but believe me it was crazy.  I took the car to my parent's house (sometimes living close to family really pays off!) and my dad discovered that my air conditioner drainage hose was not draining outside the car, like it should... but INSIDE THE CAR! (again, capslock is completely necessary here) So the whole 3 hour drive home from the beach with the AC blasting... the condensation water from the AC was pouring into my car!  Ugh.


Which leads me to today... I've spent almost the whole day at a nearby dealership waiting for the nice people to fix my poor A/C drain.  Womp womp.  At least there's free wifi.



What did you do this weekend?  Did you save money?  Did you spend money?  Did your car flood?  (if not, please pretend that it did to make me feel like I'm not the only one...)