1.  I've been holding out on you guys... I totally didn't tell you that I am down in Virginia for the week! I made an impromptu trip down to see family and hang out. My brother and Mom both have birthdays this week, so it's been great to be able to celebrate with them! I won't admit yet that I miss the area of Northern VA, but I will admit that I miss the people :)  


2. It's also really awesome because it's 65* in VA right now and 35* and snowy in Rochester. #winning

3. As I write this post (on Thursday afternoon) I'm currently camped out in the MOST HIPSTER EVER coffee shop in Richmond, VA, while I wait for one of my bffs (the soon-to-be-dentist who is gonna fix my teeth for the rest of our lives! ;) ) to get out of class. In my 24 years of living in VA, I don't think I have ever explored Richmond... so this is very exciting! And the fact that it's a gorgeous day is just icing on the cake :)


4. Do you listen to podcasts? I'm getting more and more into them lately. One of my blogging friends, Kraig, from Create my Independence, just launched his new podcast and I LOVE it. The first few episodes are a great overview of Kraig's life and how he was able to save up 5 years (!!!!!!) of expenses in order to quit his day job to pursue his passions. If you are looking for a super motivating podcast, I highly recommend you check it out!


5. The hipster coffee shop is now playing Rusted Root's Send Me On My Way- does that song remind anyone else of the movie Matilda? (updated to add: just a few months later, I saw Rusted Root LIVE!)


6. Speaking of kid movies, I'm stealing my nieces on Saturday and forcing them to watch Frozen with me. I hear that it's a great movie-- I really want to see it! I figure it's more socially acceptable to watch it with kids rather than by myself... haha :)


7. My lil car hit 46,000 miles yesterday! I know it's not a big milestone but I thought it was cool that I caught it on camera (while at a stoplight, don't worry Mom and Dad!).


8. Okay, I should probably wrap this up and go meet my friend. I hope you guys are having a great FRIDAY and that this awesome weather is reaching you, wherever you are! :)



UPDATE: ohmygod Richmond was so much cooler than I expected! Had to share some pics from our adventure...


This is the view from my friend's bed. Can you imagine waking up to that every day? Her apt is an old tobacco factory so it's super industrial and AWESOME. The ceilings are approximately 50 feet tall, give or take a bit. These windows were GIGANTIC. Such a great view. It's gorgeous!



She took me on the "Pipeline Walk" over the James River which was really pretty but SO SCARY. There were two parts of the walk- a catwalk (pic to the left), and a concrete covered pipe (right). Both are just suspended over the OPEN WATER?!?! The catwalk was okay because it had railings but the concrete pipe was just out in the open... I could have fallen off at any point- AHHH!

(I'm not sure if I've shared this on the blog but I am NOT a fan of water. Like, at all. I can swim (kinda) but whenever I'm near open water I get really nervous. So this walk was SO scary to me!)



What are you doing this weekend?