We MOVED yesterday!!!!  


But we don't have internet set up yet so I'm not quite up to blogging speed. BUT that'll be taken care of today, hopefully, and the movers are dropping our stuff off TODAY! Yay!


In the meantime, I'm going to share with you a few final pictures of the apartment we just moved out of... basically pointing out all the things that eventually drove us nuts about the place. haha!


I should be back up and running on Monday and I'll share some pics of our new place! YAY!


#1 thing I will not miss: THE RADIATORS. But I mean, do I even need to mention these? Anyone who's watched any videos I've recorded knows how annoying they sound in the background, hah!


Our front coat closet was SO long and skinny-- not sure this picture does it justice, but you can't even reach the back/side of the closet... what's the point of having a huge closet if you can't even use all the space?!


Pretty fireplace buuuuut we had to cover it up. All the walls in our living room had radiators or doors on them, so this was the only place we could put the couch!


Smallest bathroom in the history of the world. You had to stand sideways to wash your face, because there literally was not enough room to lean over facing the sink and do it. Also, sorry that I didn't empty the trash before taking this picture. Gross.


On one side of our kitchen, these were our counter tops. They looked like floor tiles pasted onto the counter. They weren't easy to clean... so I basically never did. oops.


These were the counters on the other side of the kitchen. They're PAINTED. See all those little white specks? That's where the paint has chipped off. It looked dirty all the time no matter how much I tried to clean. So I gave up cleaning those counters, too.


Why can't all faucets be the type that are hot AND cold in the same knob? This type drives me nuts. And sorry that I didn't clean the sink before taking this picture.


This stove was SO OLD and basically impossible to clean. So I never cleaned it, either. Oops. (sensing a trend in the kitchen? I just never cleaned...) Also we are excited to go back to a stove that's digital so you can actually select a temperature rather than estimating on the knob, and having a pre-heat function that beeps when it's reached its temperature!


Remember a couple months ago when we had a mouse in the house? (never caught it, btw) well I never got over my paranoia of walking by that area where we saw it. I still did a little hop/jump as I walked past the path it ran, just in case it ever darted out again.


Another lovely radiator... this one was on the side wall of our bedroom. This was my side of the bed, too, so I had to squeeze by it EVERY SINGLE DAY. Drove me nuts. (and that bowl on top has water in it to humidify the house)


The closet in the bedroom is another long, skinny one. I couldn't reach the back unless I was literally standing IN the closet. So annoying and so much wasted space. Also that red thing on the top shelf is my childhood teddy bear, haha.


Other thing I won't miss? SNOW! :)



What are you doing this weekend?

We're going to see family & friends and enjoy the beautiful VA weather... it's supposed to be high 40s this weekend which will probably feel like summertime temps to us after Rochester weather :)