Yesterday I went on a walk and stumbled across a MOVIE being filmed like 3 streets away from our house! I asked one of the guys standing around {side note: I was astounded at how many people were there... I saw probably about 30 people, all just standing around. haha} and he told me that they were filming a movie called Wildflower- HOW COOL IS THAT? I googled it and the movie is described as a "Christian faith-based film".  



I creepily took a picture as I watched them film a scene. It was really neat, I saw the guy with the big board that yells "ACTION!" and snaps that board thing (what on earth is that called?) and then two actors came out the front door of one of the townhouses, walked down to the street and as they got in that gray pickup truck, another actress drove up, they all said something to each other, then drove away.


It was funny to see what happens out of the view of the camera: like how there were sound/camera guys all over the porch just out of camera view, 10+ people standing just outside the shot near the cars, and then when they drove away, the cars drove like 5 feet off camera and stopped. Oh and that big black square is a huge white screen that (I assume) reflects sunlight onto the actors so it's not all shadow-ey. It all looks so realistic in a movie, but funny to see the background of what really goes into a scene :)



In other news, Mike and I were driving somewhere the other day and saw an odd scene: a big truck that looks like it ran into a teeny tiny tree? We couldn't figure out what had happened: did the truck run off the road and into the tree? Did that little tree stop the huge truck? Why was there no one around-- did they flee the scene? Why was the front of the truck all bashed up-- no way a little tree did that? SO MANY QUESTIONS. All unanswered. Any explanations you can offer would be greatly appreciated.


Ok, so on to the actual point of today's post.


I want to start selling things on Ebay. Have any of you used Ebay to sell stuff? In particular, I have my old Mac laptop that I want to get rid of, and just some other random books and DVDs. I'm guessing it won't get me that much money (well, except the laptop, hopefully) but I think it could be cool to see how it works!



Do any of you have any advice for me on using Ebay??

I talked to my blogging friend Hollie (she writes the blog Fueled by LOLZ... you should read it; she's really funny) and she gave me some tips and tricks because she's an Ebay pro! I'm going to attempt to wrap those up into a post and put it up sometime next week-- but in the meantime, let me know if you have any tips for me and I'll add 'em to the post! :)