I dunno if everyone besides me already knows this, but I recently discovered a super awesome way to NOT have to wash my hair as often and I figured I'd share with you. Just in case you didn't already know (or do) this.  


Drumroll please....


Oh but first, to prolong the suspense... LOOK! It snowed a lot in Rochester! We've been really lucky so far- I mean it's already almost mid-December and we really haven't gotten a big storm!


Thank goodness I work from home.


I finally cleaned my car off and discovered that it was under a FOOT (!!!) of snow. Thats crazy! And yes, I did use a ruler to get an accurate measurement.


Okay, back to what I was saying. Ready for the way to wash your hair less?


.......... second drumroll......


Sleep with your hair in a bun!!


Did you already know this? (tell me I'm not the last to know!)



I've started throwing my hair up in a bun before I go to bed (nothing fancy, just literally twist it up and secure with a bobby pin... you're gonna be sleeping so it can be messy, just as long as it's UP). It's usually all jacked up by the time I wake up but at least it's been kinda-semi-up the whole night, that's all that matters!


Normally, my hair gets gross and greasy within a DAY of washing it (tmi? eh, whatever) but sleeping with it up like this lets me go like 3 days between washing my hair instead of my usual 2*! It's glorious.


Try it.


*PS any other girls out there get annoyed when you try to explain to your boyfriend that washing your hair every day actually isn't good for your hair? I tried to tell Mike this the other day and he just kept going "It's making your hair clean; it's not bad!" and I'm like "UGHHHHH I give up... I am never going to convince you"


In other news, Wednesday night I had a massive craving for chocolate chip cookies but didn't have chocolate chips. So I googled around for something chocolate and found this chocolate mug cake recipe. It's only 3 ingredients-- so easy!


Microwave Chocolate Mug Cake

  • 1 egg
  • 1/4 c. powdered sugar
  • 2 T. cocoa powder

Mix it all up in a mug, microwave for 1 minute on high, done!


I topped mine with chocolate syrup and marshmallow ice cream topping. It was really good. I mean,  no chocolate chip cookie... but a close second.



What's your go-to when you have a strong dessert craving?

Mine is usually chocolate chip cookies!! I really need to keep chocolate chips stocked in my pantry. But then again I'd probably just eat them by the handful. Perhaps that's why I'm currently all out...