So!! Finally-- pictures from the wedding in Rhode Island this weekend!! It was so much fun. SO MUCH FUN. I'm sad it's over already. Isn't it crazy when a 3 day weekend just FLIES by and suddenly you're home on Sunday night and it feels like it never even happened?!! Yeah. That was this weekend for me.  


Here's my favorite picture-- Mike and I with the beautiful bride, Melanie :) (you can kind of see the sand in the background unlike the other pic I posted, haha. Seriously, the ocean is back there!!)  (PS thanks Katie, again, for letting me steal your pic! haha)


Backing up... Saturday morning before the wedding (Friday was spent driving up and getting stuck in massive amounts of NYC traffic blehhhh) Mike and I got up early and went on a walk on the beach! The house we stayed at was less than a 5 minute walk to the beach. Super cool. (also I literally took ZERO pictures of the house... oops. It was  HUGE though and really cute!! I think 12 of us stayed there and there was enough space for like double that to stay!


That gray building in the middle was where the wedding was held! There was a big deck facing the ocean where the ceremony was held and then the reception was inside the building.


BUT... fun fact... we all missed the ceremony. Womp womp. There was a shuttle driver to take us to the ceremony buuuuut in the last minute chaos of the wedding prep we kind of got skipped over and 7 of us were hanging out at the house being like "... uh... so... did he forget us? Should we start walking?" Finally we started walking (it was only about a mile from our house) and one of the guys got a text from his girlfriend who was a bridesmaid in the wedding saying that we missed the ceremony. Ugh. It was so sad. There's a video of the ceremony, though, so I can't wait to watch it! :)


Anyyyyyywho.. more pictures of the ocean :) There were lots of BIG rocks out there! My personal geography expert (Mike) tells me that most of the Rhode Island coast is rocky like that. #funfactoftheday


Beach panorama! It was very cloudy that morning, sorry all these pics are super dark!


Also during this trip I learned how INSANELY FOGGY Rhode Island is in the spring!! From like 5pm on each day, anytime you walked outside it was like you're walking around in a cloud. When we got to the wedding we all had water droplets in our hair because of how much moisture was in the air!! Also we couldn't even see buildings until we were like 50 feet away from them... that's how foggy it was. So crazy! I have never experienced anything like that!


Pre-wedding selfie! See the pool cues in the background? There was a pool table in the house, too! I don't think anyone used it though?


Isn't she gorgeous?! :) Haha, last minute glass of wine while waiting to leave for the wedding!


So. It was a SUPER fun weekend and I'm so glad I got to spend it with my friends celebrating Melanie + Tim!! There was one slight bummer to the weekend- I ended up with a flat tire BUT I think I learned something important from it (a money saving tip, obviiii) so I'm going to share that Friday!



Tell me about the last wedding you went to! Where was it? Who was it for-- friend or family? (Or maybe your own?! :) ) What was your favorite part?

This was (clearly) the last wedding I went to and was in Narragansett, Rhode Island! My favorite part was staying in a house with all our friends and staying up late chatting with my girl friends just like back in college :) wahhh, miss you girls already!! <3