Since I don't want to make my brain come up with a real post today, you get a picture recap of my beach trip! YAY!  


Before I start: I realized something SO important on this trip: I really, really, really, freakin' LOVE my job.

I know I've found the perfect profession for myself when I am legitimately sad to not be working for a week! I was so excited to get back home and start coaching, brainstorming, and creating things again. {I know, I'm one of THOSE obnoxious people who loves Mondays.}

But seriously, thanks to all of you who have supported me on this crazy journey- in person, in emails, in comments, or just by reading along! You guys are the best :)



Anyway- on to the vacation!


The trip started off strong-- we got breakfast sandwiches at Sheetz on our drive down. I'd never had one before! It didn't disappoint.



This was our house for the week! So cute, right?!



Here's the living room...


... and the kitchen! Down that hallway to the left were 3 bedrooms and a bathroom. Out the back door to the right was an outdoor shower- so cool!


This doesn't really show what I wanted it to- but this is standing at the end of our driveway- you can see the beach at the end of that street! It was less than a 5 minute walk. Glorious.


We were super frugal and went on a big shopping trip once we got there. This fed us for a few days and came out to be $26 per person! Not too bad.


It was Mike's birthday yesterday so I wanted to include a cute picture of him ;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY! <3


We spent 90% of our time like this. I'm on the left under the big umbrella. No sun for me- winner! I went in the water once and got pummeled by a huge wave... sooo that was it for the water for me! I spent the rest of the time napping or reading :)


Got some Planet Ice one day. (ya know, those golf carts they drive up and down the beach with coolers of ice cream in the back?) It was really good.


And then got this HUGE ice cream just a few hours later. I am clearly the picture of health. But seriously, this was so good. It was cake batter ice cream with caramel, fudge, and cookie dough mixed in. (& sprinkles on top, duh). Sorry if I just made you crave dessert :(


We checked out the Dogfish Head brewery! We wanted to go on a tour but they were all full, so we just grabbed a (FREE!) tasting. So good.


Watched the fireworks from the beach! There were 4 different fireworks shows that we could see from our spot- it was really cool! (but slightly difficult to catch them all at the same time, hah)


The drive home was R.O.U.G.H. This is the only documentation I have of it- we were following a porta potty truck and I guess it was leaking toilet paper? This piece got caught on our side window- so funny! Anyway the "rough" part of the trip was the entire state of Pennsylvania. Why do they insist on having SO MANY TOLL ROADS?! And why do I not have an EZ Pass yet?! We almost ran out of money to pay tolls. What happens if you don't have enough cash?!?!?!


All in all, it was an awesome trip! I tried to keep really good track of my spending (it's tough when you're always splitting things and handing people $5s and $10s randomly) buuuuut I believe that I only spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $625 for the trip. That number is really good when you consider that the house alone was $408! Winner :)



Are you a "beach person" or another type of vacation person? (cabin in the woods, cruise, skiing, etc...?)